Need a Water Filter, Whole House Is For you.

Water filters only now become a serious reality to many households within the United States and around the world. With the amount of water related diseases stemming from contaminated water there is a need to secure health safety especially in households. Municipal sources that supply our everyday water needs are known to overly disinfect water with dangerous chemicals. Chemicals like chlorine, lead and fluoride when over compensated in water could cause water poisoning.

Health related sicknesses stemming from this kind of contaminated water are sore stomach, running stomach, headaches especially with kids and even cancer and death in severe cases. Water filters have been proven to actually reduce and even eliminate these kinds of problems whereby purifying our water up to 50% more. A few people choose not to buy a water filter because they fail to see that it is indeed a necessity especially with municipal water sources.

A water filter such as whole house is the perfect system to provide your family with pure throughout your home. Yes, when I said entire house this includes your gardens and showers. These filters are top of the range and it removes all bacteria and chemicals from existing sources before it enters your taps. This system is higher powered and is able to send clean pure water to all outlets of your house. Since this system has only one filter the cleaning process is next to none because for most times it cleans itself.

Three Basic Methods of Using A Water Filter Whole House

Installing a whole house filter is done quickly by a plumber and can be up and running in within the hour. The whole filter is usually ever attached to the main water pipes connecting to your house. Upon completion the water enters the first unit where the denser matter is removed before actually entering the whole house system itself. Once it passed into the whole house filter system water is purified even further ready to be released into your taps for drinking.

Another popular method used in whole house filters is the Ionization approach. This approach uses electrical charges to send electric pulses through the water whereby destroying disease carrying bacteria.

The third approach involves installing a bypass valve on the inlet of the filtering system. This is recommended by many plumbers because it conserves water when watering lawns, gardens and even when washing yours cars. Water is conserved this way when its bypasses through an outside connection before going through the whole house filter. This way you are saving money on the use of purified water which you do not consume.


The only problem I can think of is the price of this system. Though it maybe a bit much my family’s health and well-being is priceless. In actual fact ever since my family has been drinking water from the whole house filter my doctors bills have decreased as well. In this way my filter is paying off itself with my family having the benefits of drinking pure clean water.

If you’re not into getting a water filter like whole house then there are some other basic options available. Faucets filters, undersink filters and countertop filters are the alternative options that are much cheaper yet still supply great quality water as well. The only downsides to these filters are the pressure that it exerts isn’t as high flowing, water can only be filtered at one outlet and these filters would need to be cleaned every so often. Apart from this, these are great basic water filters for any family.

For a wise choice of a water filter, whole house is defiantly the best.

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