Neil’s Finance Plaza – Several Auto Maintenance Hints

It seems like every single year vehicles become more expensive. With cars and trucks now being such a significant purchase, it can make much more sense to keep up with the maintenance of one’s auto. A few simple decisions, if not forgotten, could very well add years of life to your auto. For that reason Neil’s Finance Plaza is providing us with these seventeen auto maintenance points.

The first and foremost action you can take for your car maintenance in the eyes of Neil’s Finance Plaza is to check your oil regularly. Remember to check your oil level more often than once between oil changes. In fact, check at least once every other time you are at the gas station. Your engine could start losing oil suddenly and you may not have any idea. If that happens and you don’t realize it quickly, you could potentially wreck your motor.

Apart from checking your oil, Neil’s Finance Plaza suggests you must always get an oil change as often as your user manual suggests. However, if you drive more highway miles, you can sometimes get a few more miles out of your oil. For most of us the most difficult thing about an oil change remembering to get it done. But, keeping up with your oil change can give your auto’s engine a longer life.

The topic of tires is the third car care concern from Neil’s Finance Plaza. If you haven’t purchased a set of tires within the last year or so, you’re going to be in for a surprise. They’ve gotten pretty pricey. For this reason you should often check to see if your tires are inflated to the right psi. Keeping up with your tires will help them endure a considerable amount longer.

Most people never stop to think when it comes to maintaining their car’s windshield. The glass that makes up your windshield is pretty strong but don’t fool yourself – it’s not unbreakable. It’s bound to get a little bit, or if you’re unlucky a lot, of damage. Don’t procrastinate when it comes to putting a stop to a cracking windshield. Neil’s Finance Plaza suggests you have it looked at as soon as you possibly can. The longer you wait, the more serious the damage will be. The result could be having to fix your whole windshield.

Next up on Neil’s Finance Plaza’s list is keeping up on your extra tire. Your spare is something you probably won’t use until you absolutely need it. That said, it better be in perfect condition when you pull it out. Examine the tire pressure once each 6 months.

The awful sound your brakes produce when they begin to wear thin is much more than inconvenient, it is a potential problem if you decide not to take care of them. Neil’s Finance Plaza advises that you don’t let your brakes to get that low. Neglecting low brakes makes it probable that the rest of your wheels are going to get too hot and break down.

The lifeblood fluids that keep your engine working are the next subject from Neil’s Finance Plaza. Without knowing it, your vehicle might be dripping an important engine fluid such as transmission fluid. You should never neglect to check these fluids routinely to prevent a significant breakdown. Always remember to give your motor fluids their routine top-up and flush.

Neil’s Finance Plaza states that possibly the most overlooked, and yet important facets of vehicle care is routine timing and serpentine belt servicing. They’re replaced less often and are forgotten up until they bust. If a serpentine belt breaks it could potentially leave you stranded somewhere, and if your timing belt breaks it could permanently destroy your engine.

Water pumps are the next subject on the list from Neil’s Finance Plaza. You really need to buy a new pump whenever you replace the belt that runs it. You can prevent two significant issues simultaneously due to this simple maintenance step. Because important parts of your motor rely on your water pump, it’s critical that functions properly – you could wreck your engine if it does.

Our next topic is making certain your battery is always in acceptable condition. Prevent excessive wear and tear on your alternator and take the easy step of switching out your battery once there are any signs of it fouling. Neil’s Finance Plaza recommends you exchange your battery immediately after it begins losing its charging capacity.

It can be a do-it-yourself project or a professional job. Either way Neil’s Finance Plaza says keeping your car detailed is a high priority. Preserving your car in the long run often comes down to keeping the inside and outside free of grime and dirt. This will not just make your car look nice, but you’ll likely get a better resale price.

Cars and trucks are probably the few instances where we put carpet right beside a door. Maintaining a clean interior on a car over the years is a high priority in the eyes of Neil’s Finance Plaza. Replace ruined floor mats, and be diligent to clean carpets of stains before they become permanent.

Here’s a little advice regarding the paint and finish on your car. Neil’s Finance Plaza stresses that you should always take good care of your car’s paint and finish. To prevent rusting you should always take care of rock chips that happen on any metal surfaces. It’ll most likely be easier to sell your car if the exterior is in good shape.

It isn’t a thing you think of or see often but the air filter should be a normal part of your car servicing. It doesn’t take a mechanic to change it, but when it is left too long your car will not perform as it should and the engine will be strained. This is the reason maintaining a fresh new air filter is up high on Neil’s Finance Plaza’s checklist.

Broken headlights really are essential to keep serviced. And they could be unsafe if you’re driving in the evening. You need to replace them immediately if they are not working properly. You may also have one light suddenly go out. Neil’s Finance Plaza recommends, however, that both headlights be exchanged at the same time.

Maybe you know a lot about cars but it is still wise to bring your car to a certified mechanic periodically to do a thorough inspection. Although you’ll have to take time out of your day and spend some money, Neil’s Finance Plaza proposes you receive tune up every once in a while. Time and money will be saved in the long term if you do. It is more undesirable to be stuck while traveling than to take a car in preemptively.

The last remaining vehicle upkeep recommendation from Neil’s Finance Plaza relates to your spark plugs. Your auto motor operates by means of a controlled explosion ignited by your spark plugs. So, whenever they aren’t igniting properly your engine is not going to perform as efficiently as it should. These days newer autos have improved their spark plug systems and consequently need far less maintenance. But, if you own an older car it’s wise to change both your plugs and wires once a year.

Being proactive in these servicing tips from Neil’s Finance Plaza can get you the most bang for your buck for your car. They’re often not difficult or expensive to accomplish. The work of doing them is easy. It’s the work of remembering them that is often much more difficult.

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