One Absolutely Proven and Guaranteed Way To Train Any Pet!

Your pet is wonderful in so many ways. I feel like anyone who has a pet probably has some sort of special feeling for it. I want to tell you how you can effectively train your pet without bringing a wedge in the relationship. Your pet is the most loyal living being that you will probably ever encounter.

The number one rule you must know as an owner is, the rules and commands have to be consistent. Most pet owners don’t understand why their pets start off obedient and soon after become non responsive.

If you decide to buy some sort of pet training DVD or hire a professional dog trainer, the key is being consistent. When your dog understands what the rules are he or she will gladly follow them.

Anytime you train a pet, you must train yourself first. Don’t change commands along with your particular moods. Each and every command should be given in a constant tone. It’s not fair to your dog to say “stay boy” one minute and then the next “STAY HERE YOU IDIOT!!!”.

This sort of action only confuses the animal, and then we tend to think they are being disobedient. The truth is that as much as your dog loves you, you are starting to confuse and irritate them.

As much as we hold conversations with our pet, they really can’t understand our dialouge. The only thing they really understand is tones and sounds. This is why being consistent with the tone of your commands is important. I think it is a good idea to talk to your pet, they know when you are loving on them.

Be sure that when you are deciding to be serious about having a well trained pet that it all starts with you. If you get into the habit of saying “sit sit sit” don’t expect your pet to sit on that first one, you are training them that if you do not say it three times, you really don’t mean it.

Be sure to understand that you must train yourself to be consistent! No matter what route you want to take in training your dog if you stay consistent they will continue to be that great extended part of your family!

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