Overnight Summer Camps – The Choices

It is a great idea to consider letting your children attend Children’s Summer Camps . Kids’ summer camps everywhere have the people and facilities for teaching children everything from new skills to making art projects to lifelong principles like sharing and respect. Kids can learn, have fun, and gain new friendships by spending part of their summer at camp. Being a camper can be a good experience for children as young as seven or eight until well into the teen years. A lot of films are based on stories about summer camp adventures because so much universal coming of age happens to kids in these camps. Kids will also come to know more about nature because camps are usually located in the woods or near lakes or mountains.

Overnight Summer Camps encourage Campers to participate in different kinds of activities. Whether your child enjoys outdoor activities, playing sports, indoor games, creating art projects, or canoe trips, he or she will surely enjoy time at the camp with other kids discovering new interests. Camp counselors provide guidance and are role models and mentors, adding to what your child has been taught at home and at school.

There is an excellent free website, www.summercampadvice.com, that exists solely for the purpose of assisting prospective campers and their parents with choosing the best summer camp by guiding them with the right questions. This site is a great place to start or to expand your search.

Camps can either be general interest or specialty camps. Summer camps that fall into the general interest category offer a wide range of activities serving many interests. The choices might include swimming, horseback riding, indoor games, and arts and crafts classes. On the other hand, specialty camps focus on one area of interest. A specialty camp could be a sports camp that specializes in soccer or basketball, or it could be a camp that offers arts and crafts workshops. A well-rounded camp might be suitable for kids who most need to discover their interests and learn new skills while a specialty camp is perfect for older kids who are already passionate about something particular that they love to do.

Much more important to the experience a camper is likely to have at camp is the amount of ongoing individual attention he or she is likely to recieve from staff supervisors and mentors. At least one camp counselor should sleep in each cabin.

Another important consideration is the fit between the duration of the camp program and the age of your child. Young kids can be enrolled in programs as short as a two weeks while older ones can join camps that last for two months. Choosing the right overnight summer camp depends as much on what you know about your child as what you learn about that camp.

Swift Nature Camps is a Kids Summer Camp for girls and boys ages 6-15. We combine fun and learning for all kids.