PC Secret Formula

There are many reasons why your computer could be running slow…

I’m myself pretty much a hard core computer user, couple of friends have mentioned that if a new computer needs to be tested in just a couple of hours, it should be given to me. Simply because my normal computer workload is pretty much at maximum at all times. I have Mozilla FireFox open with 20-50 different tabs, couple of Adobe Acrobat windows, couple of word files, Editplus (text editor) with 30 tabs, plus of course Adobe Photoshop, mail programs, MSN and these are just the main things.

So if a PC has a reason to strike for some reason, it should definitely be my computer. However, luckily I haven’t really had any big problems except for speed issues due to my hardcore memory and CPU consumption.

Most of the ‘computer speed up’ software out there focuses only on ONE problem area, but with a user like me, its far from enough. Products like “PC Doctor” and “Registry Fixer” are decent products but they leave a lot of your computer’s speed potential unused (I know that after I have tested the product PC Secret Formula).

PC Secret Formula system covers all important areas so your computer is literally forced to perform at maximum speed and that’s why I would definitely recommend the PC Secret Formula to everyone who feels their computer is running slower than it could be should be.

While I use my laptop around 16 hours a day, I haven’t really done much to keep it running fast and safe. I run a firewall and anti-virus software. In the past I have tried some spyware software pieces, registry cleaners and so on, but overall they haven’t done much good, some of them have actually screwed up my computer.

And this makes me happy to see a tested product, which teaches me how to do it all safely. At least for me it worked like a treat, really made my PC faster again and at the same time didn’t cause it to blow up or anything like that.

Did you know that some anti-virus software might make your computer virus-free but at the same time take up so much of your PC resources that it makes your computer really slow?

Using PC Secret Formula

PC Secret Formula has been designed so that you run through the entire program step by step. First you get your machine cleaned up and to get familiar with software (btw, all the software names there are freeware, so no extra costs). It takes some time the first go around but it’s very clearly explained. You’ll learn exactly what to do and most importantly, what NOT to do.

How to use the software and a number of built-in Windows utilities to fix your slow computer. After that there’s a regular maintenance plan outlined that will take much less time but will keep your machine in great shape.

Usually people charge a lot for just a registry cleaner, but in this package, its included! With this program you really get your money’s worth plus more

What I didn’t like about PC Secret Formula?

After going through the system I’d say there are one things that I don’t like about it. Firstly, being a hardcore computer user I know enough about computers as well as different tasks. What I don’t know much about is how to speed up my computer, I know a few things but I haven’t really had any time to work on obtaining knowledge in that area. And here I’d like to see special chapters that would be combined of the section of the book. There could be like 3 different combinations, one for hardcore users like me, another for intermediate PC user and finally one for hardcore amateur. Right now the sections of PC Secret Formula all together last just a bit less than an hour’s read, but for me it
would be enough to have a 10-15 to get straight to the point.

Overall impression

PC Secret Formula has easy-to-follow, professionally produced and well put together ebook, but in addition to that, every single chapter also has notes attached which provide additional notes that will further enhance your PC’s performance. So i f your computer is running slow and you want to speed it up today, PC Secret Formula is the system you should use.

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