Pool Filter Cartridges Are The Logical Choice

The filter system of your swimming pool keeps the pool clean by trapping debris, dirt, other unwanted substances and particles. Basically, there are 3 types’ pool filters and that will all clean your swimming pool. Selecting between the 3 types of filter systems depends on like cost, location, ease of maintenance, and other personal preferences. Most homeowners prefer pool filter cartridges. When it is compared to the expensive DE pool filter and the least expensive sand pool filter, pool filter cartridges are low maintenance and economical.

As the water passes through pool filter cartridges, the particles are caught by a fine net like surface. This filter traps unwanted substances and particles in your swimming pool. The unwanted substances are held in the filter system until it needs cartridge replacement or maintenance cleaning.

Pool filter cartridges will cover a larger area than will the sand type of filter. The result is that it takes longer to clog and maintenance is less often. Pool filter cartridges can do the job with lower water pressure. This results in a longer life cycle of your pool pump and there is better water flow in the whole pool system. Being low maintenance and low cost, pool filter cartridges have become the popular selection for homeowners. Maintenance and cleaning is usually performed at least twice in one season or at the most 3 times.

Pool filter cartridges may be cleaned in 3 easy steps. First, rinse the cartridge to remove the loose debris and dirt with a normal garden hose. Following the rinse, soak the cartridge in a cleaning solution for filters. Then, rinse out the cartridge to remove the debris and the cleaning that remain in the filter. Don’t apply too much water pressure on the cartridge as it will only cause the debris and dirt deeper into the filter material.

Changing out pool filter cartridges is required when the water in the pool takes a long time to clean. At this point, the water is barely filtered and it may be the result of the filter housing already being clogged. The use of a water pressure gauge will also help you to determine if it is time to replace the disposable components of pool filter cartridges. A considerable loss of pressure at the outlet of the pool pump usually means that the water could barely flow through the housing of the filter.

Pool filter cartridges are the logical choice for a low maintenance and inexpensive maintenance filter system.

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