Practical Home Security Measures

If someone mentioned “home security” your mind would likely snap to the multitude of companies that provide alarm systems for residences. While these systems are an effective step in keeping out would-be invaders, they’re not quite enough on their own. This article discusses some of the other measures you can take to make sure your castle isn’t breached.

One of the most important parts of a secure home is the windows. Windows are openings into the house, and if they’re not up to snuff, burglars could potentially notice and take advantage of that. A good window should be made with durable glass and locks that fir properly in the window sill. During the night and when you leave the house, make sure all of your windows are shut and locked, even the ones on the upper levels. A thief may very well see a “window of opportunity” and find a way to take advantage.

The next point of entry for a burglar would be the doors. The doors to your home should be sturdy enough to not be forced open with any ease, and the locks should be high-quality enough to resist tampering. If you keep a spare key outside your home, be mindful of where you hide. Under the welcome mat is not a recommended hiding place. You may also be at risk if you lose your keys in public. If your address is printed in any way on any part of your key ring, that can put you at very great risk.

Many families, especially ones who aren’t home that much, invest in a surveillance network for their home. These systems can record video for later viewing, or sometimes stream it to a computer or phone to keep an eye on your place remotely.

A more old-fashioned, but still reliable option is a good guard dog. A well-trained canine can do a great deal to protect your home from break ins and intruders. Many would-be robbers won’t even try to break in to a home where they see signs of a large dog. The only downside is the responsibility that comes with caring for any type of animal, as well as the time and effort needed to train the dog.

Going back to the subject of alarm systems, simply advertising that your home is protected in some way does well to discourage potential robbers. However, a security system on its own is not enough these days to keep your home safe. Be sure to take any sort of preventative measures you can to make sure your home and your family are safe and secure.

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