Prevent Fungus Under Toe Nail: What You Can Do

It’s not easy to have fungus under toe nail. It takes time to cure this kind of infection. This terrible invader that can make your nails unsightly in a short span of time doesn’t just go away in the middle of the night. You may have to endure months of constant treatment. If that doesn’t seem too nice to you, you should take note of basic tips to prevent fungus under toe nail problems.

Public Areas – One of the ways that you can get fungus under toe nail is through other people in public places. This may not always be the case but you should rather be safe than sorry. Warm public baths and pools are environments that nail fungi love. You should consider wearing waterproof footwear in these places.

Walking Barefoot – If you really have to go barefoot in moist public places, then make it a point to carefully dry your feet after getting them wet. You should also air them out a bit before wearing closed footwear.

Short Nails – Keeping toe nails short and cut straight can help keep it clean and prevent fungus under toe nail problems. Be careful not to cut too near the skin and flesh though. You could accidentally injure yourself. Small cuts on your toes could become entry ways for fungi.

Foot Injury – You should also avoid other forms of foot injury. Do not wear shoes that are too tight and uncomfortable. If you are wearing open shoes, make sure that you do not accidentally hit your toes on sharp edges or objects. Again, fungus under toe nail could develop due to wounds.

Selecting Your Shoes – Wearing closed, non porous shoes can help promote the growth of fungus under toe nail. If you are fond of wearing shoes like these, be sure that you set aside days when you wear only open shoes. If it is an absolute necessity for you to wear closed shoes, then set some times during the day when you air out your feet.

Selecting Your Socks – Aside from wearing the right kind of footwear, you should also choose the right socks. Tight socks and those that seem to keep the moisture in can promote fungus under toe nail growth in people who already have it. Your socks should ideally be made of cotton because this material can draw the moisture away from your feet. There are also new kinds of socks that can do the same thing as cotton but at a faster rate. Consider stocking up on these kinds of socks.

Foot Powder – Anti fungal foot powder may not be able to cure fungus under toe nail problems but it can help prevent the condition. Using a good foot powder brand can keep your feet and toes dry even if you have to wear closed shoes.

Foot Hygiene – As much as possible, avoid borrowing nail files, cutters, clippers and emery boards from other people. These tools could be vehicles that can spread nail fungus. If you have to get your nails done in a salon, choose a reputable establishment with sterilized tools.

Wearing Polish – If you already have a fungus under toe nail problem, do not paint your nails. Nail polish can seal more moisture in and make fungal growth worse.

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