Project Redesign Ideas Transform Your Home

Sometimes you just feel like it’s time for a spring clean, or just a general refresh of the way that your home looks. Think about a project redesign in your most commonly used rooms. Don’t worry — you don’t not need to spend a lot of money, as sometimes you can just change things around or update your furnishings to best effect.

Arm yourself with three boxes when you are ready for a project redesign. You will need to remove clutter first and foremost before doing anything else. In the first of the three boxes place things that you want to keep, items to throw out or give to charity go in the second box and the third box is for anything that you are not sure of.

A project redesign can incorporate many different elements — for example adding new accessories, bringing in new artwork, painting the walls, adding some new or exciting plants or really being adventurous by replacing the flooring.

Consider your budget before undertaking a project redesign. Some rooms might only need minor decorating work so you can save the majority of your budget for those areas that really need some looking at.

When you are planning your interior design project, professional design advice is very helpful. Look online for interior design websites. Some sites have galleries of photographs that can help to get your creative juices started, whilst others will have interactive forums where you can get answers to your questions.

When many people hear interior design, they automatically think expensive. But you can inexpensively create a professional design look through simple, yet significant changes in a room. Among the things that can create major change are repainting the walls, changing the style through accessories and furnishings, and selecting a different focal point. Use design tricks, like using slipcovers to give a fairly new sofa a new look, rather than buying new.

If you are considering a major project redesign, it might be best to use 3D home design software. This is a valuable redesign tool because you can choose what you plan to do in a home and then see the finished look real-time. The 3D technology helps in planning home improvements, deciding on interior decorating schemes, choosing a room style, or designing an outdoor landscaping project. The software allows you to redesign an area to your liking before spending money on paint, furniture and other big ticket items.

When it comes to redesigning your home, try and be eco-friendly. This is a great way to help the environment and conserve energy at the same time. Consider replacing standard bulbs with energy efficient luminescent ones, look for the Energy Star seal of approval when buying appliances and replace traditional hardwoods with corkboard or bamboo flooring. Don’t forget to recycle, reuse and restore.

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