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When you are first starting out with a new website, your main goal is go gain new visitors. Whether for cash or glory all webmasters want the same thing, to get as many viewers to their website as possible. Blogger, store owners and webmasters are all the same in this aspect.

The best way to getting more visitors to your site is by having other sites link to you. When other sites link to you it has two different effects. The first effect is that visitors will naturally come to you through the sites that have linked to you. The second effect is that you will become more important to search engines.

Here’s how it works. Why would a site link to you? Just for the fun of linking to random sites? No, because you are writing about something of importance. That is how search engines see it, the more links your site has pointing to it, the more important it is and the higher it will rank for certain searches.

In order to get other sites to link to yours, you will have to grab their attention. You will need to do something that is interesting enough for them to write about it on their site and, in turn, link to yours. This is where it can become a bit more intricate. You will either need to find something truly unique or extremely clever.

I have found that the most effective way to drive other sites to pay attention to your own is by using the word free. You will, of course, need to back that word up as well. No matter what your site about giving away free gifts, or free samples, is an amazing way to get hundreds of links without doing any work at all.

A great idea for a free sample would be a plastic coffee mug. This is cheap and people will love it. Get a good amount of cheap coffee mugs with the name of your website printed on them and give them away to a bunch of your visitors. This is a great idea of a cheap free sample to give away.

Giving away free samples is a hugely effective way to get positive attention to your site and help you with long term growth. Finding the right way to get your site noticed can be the difference between being successful and failing.

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