Pueblo Style Gives A Southwestern Flair

The American Southwestern region is blessed with a rich culture and scenic places. Because of the abundance of influences from the Spanish, Native American and the West, American Southwestern has every right to boast of its culture and environment.

The Native Americans of New Mexico and Arizona were the first settlers of the American Southwest and they brought with them the resourcefulness of making the most of what they have. Design-wise, it was these Native Americans who created the pueblo architecture. Up to this day, this beautiful design is a work of art implemented by many of today’s architectures and design gurus.

Although contemporary designers have softened the Southwestern palette with turquoise, sand and pale pink, one of the most common colors in Pueblo Style is a deep chili red. This color comes from the long braids of chilis known as “ristas” that are a basic decoration of Pueblo Style. While the chili design has been overdone in reproductions, the authentic home decor accessory is a colorful accent you can eat!

Pueblo Style can be used to decorate any home with just a few touches that won’t break the bank account.

Start by creating faux adobe for the walls. Choose earthy colors such as sand, brown or terracotta (a reddish-brown). Before application, add some clean sand, such as that used for children’s sandboxes on the playground, to the paint. Then apply a thick coat, adding texture that makes it look like the wall was built of faux adobe.

Create the appearance of vigas on the ceiling. How? Get yourself some 2×4 timbers, color these with a dark walnut stain and then distress the material. You can use a hammer, axe or any pointed tool. Attach the timbers to the ceiling. There! Vigas for your ceiling are all done and ready.

Take up the old wall-to-wall carpet and replace it with terracotta tile. If genuine terracotta tile is beyond your budget, there are vinyl floorings with Pueblo Style designs. Another option would be the paint the floors to simulate a tile look. Be sure to seal flooring paint with a coat of quality urethane.

Polish the floor makeover with Navajo area rugs. Consider an area rug a good investment. Navajo rugs are the perfect floor decors for a Pueblo-inspired home, with their hand-knotted, colorful and intricate patterns.

Finally, think “pots.” Pots are another classic element of Pueblo style. Try using huge terracotta pots from a local garden center as bases for living room tables. Don’t limit yourself to pots as furniture, either. Research Native American pottery and acquire one or two genuine pieces as artworks to enhance your Pueblo Style.

Need I say more? Pueblo style is one to try. It will transform your home into a place rich in culture and beauty. Not to mention, colors and design.

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