Re-Do Your Living Room On The Cheap

Because the living room is usually the highlight of a house, there is more need for effort and investment in decorating this space. After all, we entertain guests in this room so it must be pleasing and comfortable enough to draw positive impressions. The good news is that we can still beautify our living room for less than $500.

The trick is to think about how to change the room by adding one or two new pieces of furniture and some updated accessories. Believe it or not, these small changes can make a giant difference in the way your living room looks.

Start by thinking about a specific color scheme. You’ll be ahead of the game if you already have walls painted in a neutral color, and doubly so if you have neutral furniture. However, if there’s a dominant color in a large furniture piece that you can’t afford to replace yet, use that as your starting point and work with it.

One excellent option is to add a black leather chair to the furniture mix, no matter what color scheme you’re using. A piece like this needn’t be expensive, either. Even discount “big box” stores offer leather club chairs for as little as $300. That seems like a big chunk out of a $500 budget, but think of it as an investment rather than an expense. A chair such as this combines both classic and modern styling, making it a good upgrade choice now and a compatible accessory as you continue to add new pieces.

Next, think about how to complement your color scheme. Working from the black leather chair, you could add a sleek white coffee table to replace that hand-me-down you got from Mom and Dad. Many furniture makers offer white coffee tables that you can assemble yourself for as little as $50. By the way, your new black leather chair and white coffee table make a fabulous color pairing that you can enhance by adding black-and-white pillows to your sage-green couch, or black-and-white curtains to the windows. Pillows can run from $20 to $60, depending on the way they’re made. You can have fancier pillows of course, just not as many on this first attempt.

To add a splash of color in the room, choose a furnishing that has a vivid color and complement it with other decors. Don’t worry about not going strictly match-up. A contrast or a quite similar shade is fine. Bottom line is, as long as it looks good, you did the right thing.

Now go and check your lighting. The living room should be bright enough to reflect a lively space but also soft enough to have an inviting ambiance. Therefore, in addition to the typical overhead lighting, lamps are a must have. You can go for a moveable lamp with three or four spotlights, so it’s mobile to be directed to any space or item you want to highlight. Spare around $30 for this.

Finally, consider a simple change in curtains for the windows and area rugs for the floors. Tab curtains are easy to install and offer a more masculine line if you’re a guy redoing his apartment and area rugs can just be thrown on the floor in a second. Curtains and rugs add texture to the room and are available in a wide range of prices.

See how easy and cheap it is to revamp the living room? Get ready to hit the thrift shops!

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