Remember Your Past Lives With Regression Therapy

Do you feel unwanted? Are you suffering from addiction of any sort? Are you always being bullied or victimized for a reason you doesn’t even know? Do you have anger issues? How about your relationships, are they good? Do you seem to lack something even though you almost have everything?

If you are having one or more of these problems and nothing has seemed to be effective in resolving the issue; with these problems continuing to plague you then this article is for you. You may not have considered it before, but regression therapy could be the answer you’ve been seeking.

In the words of the Past Life Therapy Center, regression therapy is “facing the dark to encourage the light”. This is a form of hypnotherapy where the client is helped by a therapist to revisit their past while still fully conscious.

These past experiences can include experiences from the adulthood of the client, their adolescence; even all the way back to their prenatal stage!

It is however possible with past life regression therapy to go back further than this prenatal stage, and help the client to remember lives they had in the past.

This idea of having had previous lives is very difficult for most people to come to terms with, but there is actually overwhelming evidence to suggest that this present life is just one of many which we experience.

Clients have been known to speak in foreign languages or recite “memories” of famous battles and wars. Some even conclude that they lived during pre-historic times and remember hunting big game with their spouse, who is in fact their current mate.

By exploring old records, many people actually manage to verify everything that they remembered from the past life regression therapy session.

There are scientific studies going on around the world showing well documented cases of children remembering everything about a past life. Often this past life was just a few years before their present life and so they are able to meet friends and family still living who they have amazingly accurate memories of.

Knowing what happened in a past life can shed tremendous light on our current lives. They shape our personalities and perceptions of the world we now live in.

Regression therapists have a phrase they use called “faulty thoughts”. Faulty thoughts are the negative emotions and thoughts which people my carry over from one life to the next. This bad karma can have a negative impact on the way you live now.

The person who has created these negative feelings can get relief by releasing these feelings in order to allow their energy field to be molded into a positive one. Forgiveness, re-patterning and karmic repayment are all ways of releasing these negative feelings.

The concept of forgiveness is simple – every schoolchild (or anyone who once was one) remembers the Golden Rule: “do unto others as you would have them do unto you”. Karmic repayment is the process of changing your negative behaviors to right the wrongs you have done.

Only after undergoing these corrective measures can we re-pattern our energy fields by replacing them with gentleness, care, tranquility, and harmony.

Regression therapy can be quite exhausting but is reportedly a life-changing event. Most people say their results were positive ones; leading them to a life with a better outlook and strengthened sense of self.

This change does not come without a price however. To be fully successful one must be totally committed to exploring their mind in order to change their life dramatically.

Regression therapy offers a truly unique way of looking at the human mind and personality and whether to help with problems you may be having or to satisfy your curiosity about past lives, it is something worthy of your consideration.

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