Review Of Shopping Online At The Watch Co

What I discovered and what I feel about it.

For me if I am looking at shopping on-line some fundamental areas truly need to be in place.

I actually have a dislike for unwieldy, sluggish to load, sites that just make the entire process to become too drawn out.

Let’s admit it, we shop on-line for efficiency and convenience because of the mad pace of life that we tackle in today’s reality. So anything that slows us down is really aggravating, even more so if we are intending to spend hard earned funds there as well.

So when I was asked to do a review of The Watch Co my initial thoughts were “ok let’s see what you do!”

So let’s get started.

Ok so I went over to The Watch Co

First impression… Excellent slick site. Loads fast. Clean and clear layout

Love the shop by..brand,price,styles and lifestyle section. Real timesaver. Very easy.

One more thing I like to do when I’m reviewing a site is I want to see what they stand for.

Do they have a concept or is it purely about diversifying and “cashing in” on the online market.

Ok I am pleased to say that Watch Co do really care about what it is they have.

Excellent, another site to add to the list.

In my recent experience I find now that on-line shopping sites and …are no exception, do feature a genuinely distinctive ideology to customer service than most traditional retailers.

Now this may be driven by the fact that the power is in the hands of the customer more than ever with the on-line shopping framework but I also think that in the latest medium of the net there is a consciousness that does identify with the customers, and that a higher level of service and paying attention to detail is required to hold the customers attention.

A store is really only ever a mouse click off from losing the client.

Well enough about the online shopping picture, how about the functionality.

I found the site to be very user friendly. Not perfect but what is? Unquestionably a smooth and simple browsing experience. Catalogue, selections, facts and sizing also excellent.

Shopping Cart process, really fast, smooth and secure.

Extremely confident experience, as a visitor to the Watch Co website.

It’s a great site actually. The left hand sidebar really directs well and let’s you know everything they have at a glance. Like Skagen Wall Clocks! Now I know where to find them.

Another thing, I consider that in dealings with all reputable websites today, the whole concern of credit card fraud is a non issue.

You can shop with peace of mind.

I’m don’t mean just hand over your details anytime anyone asks but with this standard of site and virtually all on-line shopping sites, the danger of credit card scam is pretty much zero.

Then my thought on The Watch Co:

… is a fantabulous online shop.

User friendly

Awesome variety of products.

Effortless to navigate, select etc.

Shopping Cart process excellent.

Overall rating 4.5/5

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