Romantic Marriage Proposals

Before you look at the following romantic marriage proposals, I must advise that you don’t simply carbon copy an idea you read from the web or a magazine. The best marriage proposals are always the ones that are unique to your relationship.

That being said, I hope the following romantic marriage proposals give you inspiration for when your lady’s magical moment finally arrives.

1. Arrange for a day at the spa for the two of you then change into your best outfits before heading off to a photo shoot. While you’re being photographed go down on one knee and propose. You’ll have the moment forever. After, you can go for a nice meal followed by a night at a 5 star hotel.

2. Tell her to meet you in the park for lunch, then turn up late on horseback wearing a suit of armour. Swing off the horse and offer to be her prince. A nearby friend could play Holsts “Jupiter” as you approach.

3. Rent out a limo and pick your girl up from work. Hand her a rose and have her best outfit ready for her! Drive to the best restaurant in town and have them serve you in the limo. Propose for desert over champagne.

4. Recreate your first moments. Take a walk past the place where you first met. Cook her the first meal you ever made for her and eat it at your first ever picnic spot. You can propose while listening to your special music.

5. Pick out an idyllic spot that she’s never been and arrive with her blindfolded. This would be great near a lake or river! When she uncovers her eyes, have a picnic set up. You could hide some champagne in the water. Propose to your special music.

6. Go to her house when she’s away and make a candlelit path leading up to her front door and beyond into her bedroom. When she follows the candles she will find they lead to you on one knee!

7. Go for dinner at a nice restaurant and surprise her by being picked up in a horse drawn carriage. Drink champagne as you’re riding around the city and propose while you’re cuddling underneath the stars.

Proposing to your girlfriend is one of the most nerve racking moments in any guy’s life! So I hope these Romantic Marriage Proposals gave you some inspiration! We also have many more Romantic Marriage Proposals to help you out for your lady’s big moment! We also have a free download I think you’re going to like!