Seal A Door, Save Energy

When you are looking for effective ways to seal a door, you do not need to have handyman skills or a big budget to buy sealants. Be cost effective by using a well-built draft blocker, also know as a door snake. These blockers are really effective insulators, specifically designed to block air flow.

Reduce your energy costs when you seal a door. A number of studies have shown that when a door is properly sealed it can save a homeowner between 10 and 25% on both heating and cooling costs. As these savings can be significant, it is sensible to make sure that your home is energy efficient.

Many homeowners might not realize the important and immediate need to seal a door. They wrongly assume that the little amount of air that flows in and out of the gap under a door cant do much to throw off the temperature in a home. But when you count the number of doors in your home that lead to the exterior, the problem can create an extremely drafty home.

You will need to look all around the house when you are taking action to seal a door. For example, the garage door, a sliding glass door leading to your deck, the door to the attic and to the basement — all should be protected against exterior drafts. Draft stoppers are sized to fit pretty much any door and opening.

When you seal a door, you stop any airflow in and out of your house through the gap between the bottom of your door and its metal threshold. Its important to keep warm air in and cold air out in the winter months, and vice versa in the summer months, to ensure your home remains at the temperature you have set. If it doesnt, you are paying more to run the heat or the air conditioner more frequently.

You may be wondering whether you need to take action to seal a door,. Place your hand along the bottom of the door and if it feels colder then you will find that the outside air is seeping in. Simply fix this problem by placing a draft blocker along the bottom of the door in question.

To effectively seal a door, make sure that you use a commercial grade draft stopper or door snake. You will find that these items are made out of durable and sturdy materials, such as polypropylene. The inside of the snake should be filled with finely ground corn , for example, a flexible and proven insulator.

Do not worry about maintenance or installation problems when you seal a door with a simple preventative item like a draft blocker. You will not need to use fasteners or adhesives, just simply fit it in place. These items can be hand washed and dried, are long-lasting and great at saving energy.

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