Seed Versus Sod: Weeding Through The Pros And Cons

Imagine a nice plot of land, spread out around your brand new home. Now, it’s just a large area of dirt. With thoughts of landscaping it into the envy of all your neighbors, you have images of verdant, green grass. The question is, how are you going to transform from brown to green? Do you go with seed or sod? You’ll soon find that this question depends a lot on your own personal objectives, and each landowner has diverse preferences.

First, cost. There’s not much room for discussion when it comes to cost. Grass seed is the undisputed winner in this arena. If you stop to consider it for a moment, this is something that makes total sense. If you opt for sod, what you’re really paying for is grass seed that someone else took the time to care for and grow already. Sod costs more than grass seed as a consequence. In order to transform your lawn into that thriving, fertile lawn you imagined originally, with grass seed, on the other hand, you’re going to need to attentively care for and look after it. The grass seed might just be worth the extra effort, on the other hand, if price is a key deciding reason for you.

The next consideration you need is time, although it is related to cost, as well. This time around, sod is the clear winner. Is it important to you to have your lawn totally completed right away or can you be patient and wait for it to flourish a few weeks down the road? If you’re not willing to wait, sod is your only alternative. Even if you might be patient enough to wait for grass seed to develop, based on the time of year, you may not be able to get it to grow anyway. The late spring or early fall is the optimal time for grass seed to grow. You need to sow seed during this timeframe or else it might not be doable to grow grass at all. You can see permanent results almost anytime throughout the growing season if you choose to lay sod instead.

Another factor that will play a part in determining which alternative is best for you is the topography of your land. Sod generally needs a lot of sun because it is composed of specific kinds of grass variety. If there are many shady locations on your land, your lawn would be more suitable to grass seed. If there are a lot of hilly spots on your property, however, it is probable that the rain will wash away the grass seed before it can develop. You should definitely use sod, then, if your lawn is sharply sloped.

It can seem daunting to sort through the myriad of pros and cons when it comes to figuring out how to create the perfect lawn. Price, time and terrain are all you need to bear in mind, though, to help you make the best decision under your specific circumstances.

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