Selecting Maternity Clothes

So you are about to become a mother, but once you begin thinking about your waistline and belly expanding you find that you become very concerned about what you can wear. You fear looking less than your spectacularly fashioned self. Fear not, many women know this feeling quite well, in fact, several will tell you that the idea of maternity wear left them with some dread.

The first thing you should do before pulling out your credit card is take an inventory of your own closet. You might be surprised to find that you have a few outfits that will make you look gorgeous even as your tummy begins to expand in those first few months. You might want to consider looking through someone else’s closet such as a sister or a friend who may be a size or two above your regular size. If a sister or friend has had a baby before you may also want to consider asking them if they can lend you some maternity clothes, after they are only worn for a few months and then they retreat to a corner of the closet.

Another option is to rummage your spouse’s closet, you will usually find some nice roomy t-shirts, for the latter part of your second trimester and these will always look nice when you wear a pair of leggings or tights with them. These tips will save you a lot of money especially if money is an issue, so instead of spending a fortune on maternity wear, you can actually save up to buy cute items for your little baby boy or girl.

So now, let’s discuss what you should shop for, the best thing you can do for yourself is to to stick with what you liked before you were pregnant, don’t stray too far from it, especially in terms of color. Often our favorite colors give us comfort and makes us feel our best.

Here is another option, if you are not plus sizes, you might want to consider shopping at one of these stores as you will usually find clothes that will be flattering for you going into the latter part of your second trimester and toward the beginning of the first. Eventually though you will have to graduate to actual maternity wear, but do not buy too much as you will only be wearing these for a few months.

If you use to wear high heels you will have to give them up as those stilettos are not your feet’s best friend as your tummy expands, they will not balance you well and will be uncomfortable if your feet start swelling as often happens in pregnancy, so budget for comfy flats.

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