Selecting the Best Eyeglass Frames

When buying eyeglasses, many people will first look at the type of frames. Selecting the type of frames that you like and fit your facial structure can be a difficult task. Not only must they be a good fit, but you want to make sure they look appealing with your outfits and are comfortable. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to make sure you get the perfect eyeglass frames for your facial features and particular fashion taste.

The following are a few tips to selecting the best eyeglass frames:

Facial Structure and Eyeglass Frames: If you are a man with a beard, smaller cut frames are a good choice as they will not cover certain facial features. Smaller cut frames can enhance a face with a beard. If you have a large head, don’t wear frames that are larger than your head. In addition, small frames will not mask features if you have a smaller shaped head.

Comfort: You want to wear eyeglass frames that are comfortable. You should make sure your eyes are comfortably positioned with the middle of the lens. If your eyes are set close together, don’t wear large set frames. Your eyebrows should line up parallel with the top part of the frame of your glasses.

Match frame with Your Face Shape: Select a frame set that appears different from the shape of your face. Faces are round, oval, oblong, diamond, oval, triangle, or square shape. If you have a rounded face, you should probably not choose a frame that is round. A good frame shape is one that contracts with the natural shape of your face. Look for frames that match your facial features and the size of your face. If you have a very small face, don’t buy large frames. For instance, if you have dark eyes and dark hair, look for frames that are complementary, not a bright color such as bright pink frames. Generally, wider frames look good with an oval face. A round face looks good with rectangle style frames. Oblong Frames look good with faces that are long and thin, and heart shaped or a diamond face shape looks good with rimless frames

Frame Colors: When choosing your eyeglass frames, the color should also complement your skin tone. Your hair color, eye color and skin color will help determine your skin tone. People with a cool skin tone normally have light blue that looks much like violet eyes, medium brown eyes, bluish black eyes, and have strawberry blond or auburn brown hair. Good frames for cool skin tones include: pink, black, magenta, blue-gray, amber, charcoal, silver, or pewter. Those with warm skin tones will have light brown and dark brown hair, blonde hair, and black hair. People with warm skin tones will often have bronze or olive color skin tone. Frames that look good with warm skin tones include: honey, coral, white, orange, peach, gold, red, copper, aqua, beige, and tortoise.

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