Shiny Object Syndrome – A Must-Know For Every Home Based Business Owner

The Shiny Object Syndrome is one of the greatest enemies to business success. You as an entrepreneur are probably highly creative, intuitive and optimistic by nature, and it’s likely common for you to have a mind full of new ideas at any given moment.

You may see opportunity that others don’t and when this happen, you want to bring all of the ideas to life at the same time which is why trouble arises. Because you love new and exciting things, then it may also be hard to turn down pursuing a new idea or opportunity when it is presented.

Some days you may feel you’re chasing after many ideas at the same time while accomplishing no real progress on any one of them.

In order to beat Shiny Object Syndrome it’s important to pick ONE idea and focus your undivided attention on it. You need to determine which of the many ideas in your head right now has the potential to make you the most money.

This is the idea you want to focus your complete attention, energy and resources on.

As you work on bringing your best idea to life, there are many other great opportunities and ideas that will come your way but keep a running “great idea/opportunity” list where you can keep track of these items for future attention until that happens.

Unless you can bring them to full completion within an effective time frame, then all of those great ideas and opportunities will be useless to you.

Having your best idea at the forefront means that you can decide on how to implement a structured plan. Focus your attention on completing the first step once you have mapped your plan into pieces that are bite-sized and manageable. Move on to the next once you have already completed that step.

Distractions will surround you throughout the process and this is what you need to keep in mind. Learn to say no if an opportunity takes you away from your primary goal when you are presented an opportunity albeit a good one.

It’s often hard for entrepreneurs to say ‘no’ but chasing many ideas simultaneously will only put you further and further behind.

Figure out where do you start today. Here’s a brief guideline to help you along.

You need to list all of the ideas and opportunities on your ‘to do’ list right now. Choose one that you think will help you make the most money and develop a manageable plan in order to complete it. When distractions arise, ask yourself, “Will this bring me closer to my goal or take me further away from it?” Learn to say ‘no’ if they take you away from your primary goal.

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