Six Reasons Stinking Air Ducts Could Be Making You Ill

Pronounced mold in the home can cause serious ailments. Deep within the duct work, mold spores are multiplying and spreading throughout the home. Humidity can cause this problem to increase. It can cause the growth of the spores of mold or mildew. Spores are similar to tiny dust particals that float through the house. A home that is severely contaminated can have thousands of mold spores per cubic foot. The effect of mold can be very dangerous to the health of those living in the home.

Dampness levels are best kept at a low level to stop the production of mold and bacteria in ac vents. Mold spores which settle in the dust and grim deep in the ac vents often breed pollutants such as bacteria, mold and mildew. Mold can grow and multiply in ac duct work and this can cause serious health problems. Next are six potential ways that mold left in ac ducts can cause sickness.

Mold in ac ducts can multiply as the humidity in the ducts alternately fluctuate between high and low levels. This multiplication of mold can spread sickness through the house when the blowers are turned on.

Headaches can be caused by mold in the ac ducts as toxins spread throughout the home. Mold spores that are carried in the air can cause unexplained headaches.

Mold in the ac ducts can also trigger allergic reactions such runny noses and watery eyes. Pollen spores can be released varying levels of toxins which can trigger allergies in some.

Mold in ac ducts can cause skin disorders such as dermatitis. The skin can be irritated by molds which travel through the air after multiplying and growing in the ac ducts. Skin irritants can include itching and rashes in rare cases mold growing on the skin by causing a fungus to grow.

Mold in ac ducts can be the cause of reoccurring cold like symptoms and a lowered resistance to infections. Constantly catching colds and experiencing infections in the throat or sinuses can be an indication that the ac ducts have mold in them.

Mold in the ac ducts can cause fatigue as the mold is blow throughout the home. Fatigue is extreme sleepiness and can be associated with incompletion of tasks due to sleepiness.

AC duct cleaning is very important and the best way to clean the hiding mold from the duct work. The effects of mold spores blowing through the home can be unexplained sicknesses. If you experience any of the above health issues than please consider having your duct work cleaned. Clean AC ducts promote health and stop the release of mold toxins in the home. AC duct cleaning should be done a regular basis by a professional.

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