Skunk Removal Casselberry Can Help You With Those Pesky Animals

Usually when skunks roam onto your property, it is because they cannot find enough food in their own environment. It is certainly not their fault and they are not aware that they are doing wrong. However, they can cause costly damages and if there are too many of them then you need to contact skunk removal Casselberry quickly.

Of course you do not want to kill them because they do play a vital role in the eco-system by eating slugs and other critters that might have become overpopulated. You could do some positive things to deter them, without doing any physical harm.

There are a few simple things you could do to make your yard unappealing to skunks:

If your pets eat outside, then this is maybe why you have skunks. They have a good sense of smell and can locate pet food in a flash. Make sure that their bowls are empty and that their water is picked up and placed inside the house. Do this before sunset because this is when skunks like to forage the most.

Remove large piles of rubble, wood, bush or compost or close it tightly so that they cannot hide under it. They love to curl up in tight spaces and can even move in to breed if they feel the area is safe.

Inspect your fences. If you find a small opening then seal it up. A skunk will find the smallest hole or even dig under a fence to get to food if he is almost starving. You could also inspect the area underneath your house. Seal it off, but only after you have removed any animals that are already there.

Skunks love trashcans because that is where a lot of food is. They will try to get inside at all costs. Secure the trash can so that they cannot tilt it or push off the lid. Also, look around to see if you have any big tree trunks lying around. They will hide there until it is safe to come out.

Remove big tree trunks off the ground because those areas are prime property for a skunk. The fewer places he has to hide or breed, and the less chance there is of him getting food and water, the less visits you will have. Do not spray pesticides as it is dangerous and inhumane to say the least. Rather let the professionals at skunk removal Casselberry do it for you.

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