Skylights Save Energy And Beautify Your House

Let the sun shine into your house, home and heart with skylights! Your house will take on a fresh beauty with these stylish devices. Let’s see the salient advantages of installing skylights in your house.

Skylights are installed in the roof of the house to let the sunlight shine into the interior areas of the house. This saves the electricity that you use for daytime lighting in these areas.

The saving is for the electricity spent not just on lighting the interior of the house but also on heating these areas when the weather turns cold. A wall window lags far behind in comparison.

Skylights beautify the house from within and without. People feel better in a room with natural sunlight, and the room appears open and spacious rather than closed and oppressive. Kitchens and living rooms appear friendlier with skylights. A skylight in the bathroom makes bathing a warm pleasure in cold weather, apart from increasing the privacy.

Indoor plants are popular ways of giving the interior areas a bit of the outdoors. But the cost of providing artificial lighting for the plants is sometimes prohibitive. Skylights let you grow plants right inside the house at no cost at all!

Blinds are necessary accessories for skylights. You need to cut down the amount of sunlight streaming into the interior of the house in the summer, and blinds let you do this. You can opt for skylight tints instead of blinds. Tints are protective films that can be applied to the skylight panes to cut down the sunlight passing into the house. Your budget will decide your choice of blinds or tints.

You will have to take a few points into consideration when you’re installing the skylights. One is the climate in your geographical area. The other is the facing (direction) of the skylight. The roof style is important too. Is the skylight installed in a flat roof or an angled one? These factors affect what is called the energy performance rating of the skylight.

The size of the room determines the size of the skylight that is required for optimum energy efficiency. The area of the skylight should not exceed 15% of the room’s floor area. If the room receives a lot of sunlight from existing windows, then the area of the skylight should not exceed 5% of the floor area. These are nominal guides and not strict limits.

Skylight installation is best left to professional contractors who have the necessary equipment, experience and expertise in the field. Improper seating and sealing of the skylights can drastically affect the energy efficiency of the installation. Their expert guidance and suggestions will help you extract the maximum benefit of the skylights for your house. Of course, the standard caveat applies, that you should verify the contractor’s work record with his past clients.

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