Solar Information Center – Free Solar Panels

As more and more issues on the environment and energy resources arise, more and more people are looking for ways to tap renewable energy. Of all the energy resources available in the planet, solar energy is by far the most abundant. With this in mind, environmentalists are giving efforts to making free solar panels available to the general public.

Looking more closely into tapping solar energy, one can say that man has been late in harnessing this rather abundant and obvious resource. While we have been using fossil fuel for centuries, it has only been decades ago when we started tapping energy from the radiant sun.

Even up to this day, the use of solar energy appears to be limited to the well-off. While nature has been using this profound repository of energy for millions of years, almost all of us still do not have access to free solar panels that are essential in utilizing energy from the sun.

However, free solar panels will no longer be an issue if we are really intent on looking for ways to tap radiant energy. One way to have access to solar panels is to approach institutions that use such devices. These institutions would be more than happy to give away slightly degraded solar panels for household use.

Another way to have access to free solar panels is through developing one. One can set up an improvised solar heating device through the use of glass, wood, cardboard, and insulation. These materials are readily available in stores or they can also be purchased from recycling centers. From these accessible items, one can make ovens, water heaters, and air heaters powered by energy from the sun. Other than the aforementioned materials, one will also need clamps and black paint to fully transform everyday items into components of what would become free solar panels.

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