Spring 2013 Women’s Name-Brand Shoes

Designer clothing, shoes and handbags are a great joy to own, but in a troubled economy saving money is a great financial strategy. If you are a lover of all things designer, it is possible to own these wonderful creations without breaking the bank.

The first place to look for designer clothing, shoes and handbags on sale is on the clearance racks. Clothing is traditionally kept at full retail for 3 months and then retailers will begin marking clothes down. Because retailers ship summer and winter items long before the weather temperatures catch up, it is common to find coats on sale during the heart of winter and swim suits on sale during the summer. There is no reason to buy an item as soon as it hits the shelves if it is more than likely the item will be on sale when you really need it.

High heel shoes are now available everywhere; whether in the streets, in malls and even on the Internet. Celebrities have started endorsing these products, resulting in tremendous value addition to the popularity of the product, and consequent strong increase in demand. High heel shoes have been visualized by their diligent designers to provide that dazzling lift to a woman’s height and one cannot see the craze for these shoes waning anywhere in the near or distant future. The very sight of a lady in heels, swinging her sensuous hips as she walks, is sheer poetry in motion that leaves an indelible impression on the men watching her. In her effort to keep her balance, not only will she stand straight and look taller, but the heels will also accentuate her calves. In the fashion world, whether it is a show or a party, women wearing high shoes are always eyed with awe for the audacity of the class and style which they exude.

Build Me Up, Buttercup!If you buy women’s platform sandals this spring, your wardrobe will not be let down! The trendy gladiator sandals mentioned above are also trs chic with a bit of a lift, as evidenced by the popularity of Giuseppe Zanotti’s I9179 Platform Sandal. Patterned and brightly colored heels are also hot for women’s spring shoes this year. Many name brands, including Christian Louboutin, Guess, and Seychelles, offer pumps in bright patterns and floral colors, including yellows and reds. Wedges are also hot this spring. Giuseppe Zanotti’s I96166 Wedge Pump, for example, encompasses two of spring 2013’s most popular shoe trends: a high wedge and a vibrant leopard print. Trendy Feet for Spring 2013.

This year, women’s spring shoes are characterized by personality and flair. Bold colors and bright patterns dominate the shoe scene. Popular name brands that have done the best job of following the hottest trends this spring include Dolce Vita, Maria Sharapova, Michael Kors, Christian Louboutin, and Giuseppe Zanotti. But name brands are just a guide: of course, the best way keep your feet from looking frumpy is to keep in mind the most popular styles for spring 2013 shoes: women’s booties, gladiator sandals, and wedges, oh my!

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