Steps To Cut A Copper Plumbing Pipe

The installation of plumbing pipes often involves the cutting and joining operation. Improper cutting or joining operation would affect the efficiency of the whole project. Correct cutting operation takes into account accurate calculations and wise evaluations. Besides that, the assistance of the required tools holds its own significance.

Improper cutting operation of PVC pipes leads to uncalled delay in the project. However, when it comes to the cutting of the copper pipes then the things get risky. A false move could take a toll on the well-being of the homeowner. In addition, the improper cutting operation takes a considerable amount of time to fix. However, right logic complemented by a right set of tools could save the day for you. In addition, keep the assistance of an expert at your disposal throughout the operation.

Make some general calculations before commencing the cutting operation. Determine the exact length of copper pipe that needs to be removed. The length of the pipe connectors and other associated fittings adds up to the overall length. For experimental purposes, a length of about 12 inches could be left as a margin. Use plumbing tape to mark the area specified. Take out the pipe cutter from the kit along with your safety gloves and goggles.

Use your one hand to hold the pipe from under and other hand to hold the cutter tool. Keep the other hand away from the cutter blade.

Place the blade of the cutter on the tagged line. The knob on the cutter tool controls the sharpness of the cutter blade. Increase the sharpness of the blade gradually and not at once. Make sure that blade is cutting along the intended line. Turn down the knob once the blade pierces into the pipe.

To cut the pipe with some effectiveness, rotate the cutter around the concerned length of pipe. Go only a half-turn and follow it up by tightening the blade. Tighten the knob only when the blade loosens.

Keep doing the same step again and again to cut the pipe apart.

Remove the cut pipe from the fixture and observe the inner side of the depleted length of existing pipe. Clean the inside of the pipe with a piece of cloth.

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