Stuttering Causes: What Are The Causes Of Stuttering

There are many different opinions on the causes of stuttering. Some people believe that stuttering is more a mental condition while others believe stuttering is hereditary. No one however has been able to pinpoint an exact cause.

The mental aspects of the cause of stuttering are often categorized as fear(fear of speaking in public) trauma (bad childhood experiences) and ancestral (runs in the family).

Fear can play a big part in a person’s stuttering. Fear may cause a stutterer to feel apprehensive thus creating a hesitation in their speech.

Trauma can cause stuttering by triggering episodes of shortness of breath. Whenever someone is unable to maintain proper breathing techniques, this can also lead to stuttering.

Trauma and fear can both cause someone to suffer from anxiety. The ability to control anxiety will rely on rather a person can find ways to become relax.

Stuttering is often passed down from parent to child. It is common to find that many stutterers have parents who also stutter. This can sometimes be attributed to learned behavior.

The answer to the question of what are the causes of stuttering is rather simple; There is no real answer. Frankly, It is more conducive to concentrate on the solutions.

The many opinions on what causes stuttering is just speculation. There has never been a definitive origin of the condition. In contrast, there are solutions that have been known to generate results. If you are someone who stutters, I am almost certain that your main focus will be finding the cure anyway.

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