Summer Jobs For Young Teens

Summer is upon us and teens are out looking for jobs in force. Unfortunately, this might be the one year that jobs for teens may be scarce. The economy has dealt a blow to many businesses and they are laying off workers by the handful. Even younger teens need the money now and they are trying to get jobs for the very first time. This poses the question whether ages 13 and 14 are really too young to be working?

The federal government has laws that stipulate what types of jobs teens can get. For instance, kids under 16 cant do any type of job that is deemed dangerous or hazardous. This includes most jobs that involve working with machinery or chemicals. As you get older, you will be allowed to do some or all of those jobs. In addition to the federal stipulations, each state has its own set of rules that must be followed.

Teens that set out to find their first job are often scared and rightly so. It is uncharted territory for them and in many cases it will be their first foray out into the real world. This year might be an especially bad time to be looking for that first job as the economy is horrendous and they might face an unusually high amount of rejection. It is a bad situation for both employers and job seekers.

Very young teens will probably not qualify for many real jobs and most of them will probably be snapped up very quickly. This year, older teens and even adults may be happy to get any job they can and will take jobs that they might ordinarily have turned down in other years. This means younger teens will have to think of other ways to make money by perhaps doing odd jobs around the neighborhood such as pet sitting and weeding.

As summer is already here, those teens that are just starting to look for a job may find they are out of luck and it is too late. Their only hope is that a few jobs may open up and the economy starts to turn around before the end of summer. Patience will be important for them, as they will have to try to keep a positive attitude and keep looking. If they can be creative and think up a way on their own to make some money, they might be able to make it through the summer all right.

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