Summer Jobs For Young Teens

Money is tight right now in many families and this means that more young teens may be looking for work. This raises the question of what age is too young to get a job? Most teens probably start thinking about getting a part time job around the age of 16, as that is when they get their driver’s license and really start needing extra money. But with the economy being so bad, maybe kids younger than 16 will be looking for work. Will there be any jobs for young teens out there this year with the recession?

The federal government has laws that stipulate what types of jobs teens can get. For instance, kids under 16 cant do any type of job that is deemed dangerous or hazardous. This includes most jobs that involve working with machinery or chemicals. As you get older, you will be allowed to do some or all of those jobs. In addition to the federal stipulations, each state has its own set of rules that must be followed.

When you are a teen it is scary to go out and try to get your first job. Now with the recession in full force, jobs for teenagers are even harder to find than they were before. On top of that, more teens this year will probably need jobs because their parents might cut their allowances or they might need the money to help out the family. It is a bad situation for everyone as employers are losing business and can’t afford to hire the teens they once did.

Younger teens in the 13 to 14 year old range may find it especially hard to get a real job. They will have the least experience and everything they qualify for will probably be snapped up quickly by older teens. This leaves them with few alternatives other than trying to find ways on their own of making some spare money. They might resort to doing the usual things such as baby sitting, pet sitting, pet walking, car washing, and anything else someone might be willing to pay them to do.

Summer is already here and those that started their job search early might already have jobs. If you are a teen just beginning to look, you should be aware that the road ahead might be long and frustrating. Patience will be the key as this could turn out to be one of the worst summers to be looking for a job in recent memory.

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