The motorcycles of today are made better than ever. The design, materials used, and the machining of these bikes are more precise and accurate, which makes motorcycles a reliable form of transportation. With that being said, here are some tips for keeping your motorcycle running as long as possible Proper maintenance, appropriate storage, and responsible riding, are the three things […]

Government Ban On Biker Colors In Bars !

There is a new law in Virginia that will ban Motorcycle Club Colors in Bars. The law, originally aimed at Street Gangs, is causing quite a stir with Virginia Bikers. The law states that Bar & Restaurant owners will lose their liquor license if they allow patrons who wear “gang” related attire such as Club Logo’s or Colored Bandannas.

Jugs And Strokers Tearing The Motorcycle World Apart

A few weeks back I received an email from a girl Kim about a Charity Motorcycle event she was working on for Bide A Wee an Animal shelter I worked at when I was younger. As I read the info I was looking forward to attending the event only to find it was being held at Jugs and Strokers the only “Biker Bar” on Long Island that does not allow Motorcycle Club Colors. I was pissed to find out I would not be welcome at this event. I then saw the email had been sent out to many other Motorcycle Clubs on Long Island. Pissed Off, I started writing a reply to the email and sent it out to the MC’s here on Long Island. Here is what I wrote.

The Annual Who Cares Committee Inc Toy Run

I\’m sure most of you from Long Island NY go to the Who Cares Committee Toy Run every year and have been going for many years as it is a Long Island Biker tradition! Some of you may or may not know over a few years back Bob Whelehan (a good friend of mine) who was the President of the Committee passed away due to complications caused by his Diabetes, leaving his Wife and Kids with many bills to take care of. His Wife Liz known as Mom to many because of how giving she has always been took over as President of the Committee and running the Toy Run to make sure the Children of the St. Chris-Ottille Residential Treatment Center in Sea Cliff Still received their Presents every year.Even with her own bills piling up due to the loss of her Husbands income!!!

Lake George New York, A Great Place to Ride

As a Biker I love to take long Rides on my 2007 Harley Davidson, Nightrain. Some times a trip to Connecticut where one has the freedom of choice to decided if they want to wear a Helmet or not is a great place to go. Often I head up to the NY Catskill Mountains, Where a Burger and a Beer at Nicks Waterfall House in West Conesville can be the perfect end to a day of Cruising threw the Mountains.