Taking Control Of Your Teenager Driving Instruction

Teen driving causes big problems for for parents worldwide as there are many instances of teen mishaps and deaths on the road. The required thing here to do is to try and understand the causes for these accidents and bring in the required changes to avoid such accidents in the future. The areas to center on would be the reduction in exposure to dangerous situations, modification of risk taking behavior, and providing sufficient education to the teenager to improve their driving ability.

The adjustment in law to improve the driving age from 16 to 18 years is not the solution to this problem. This will only impact the Automobile industry and its interrelated service sectors. It will be a big blow to manufacturers, driving teachers, gas companies, and insurance agents. There will be a severe drop in revenues for the manufacturers as well as the insurance agents due to the change of law.

It is important to teach the teens regarding driving procedures and make them follow to these rules in a disciplined manner. It has been found that lack of skills, danger taking behavior, and juvenile behavior are the main causes that lead to teen crashes. So it is important for the parents to guide their teenagers to stay away from such behaviors and increase adequate skills before they hand them the automobile keys.

Drunk driving, not wearing seat belts, distractions on the road, and late nighttime driving have been the causes for teen mishaps on the road. Most of the teenage deaths tend to occur between 6 PM to 6AM primarily on Fridays and weekends.

There are many safety guidelines laid down by the powers that be for the security of these teenagers but they don’t abide by these in a suitable manner. Teen are supposed to wear seat belts, avoid using gadgets like cell phones, and avoid driving at night except for some sensible causes and drive with a father or coach for the first three months after receiving their driving license. The lack of obedience amongst teens to follow these procedures is a serious apprehension.

In order to moderate exposure to risk the guardians should join their kids and be a part of their classes. They should see to it that their kids are picking up the obligatory information from the class. The parents should train defensive driving techniques to their teenagers. It is essential to let the child be conscious of the driving experiences of their guardians as that would groom them to deal with any difficult situation.

The parents should also help in modifying the risk taking behavior in their kids. The chemical reaction of hormones and other pattern changes in the teenager body makes it hard for them to avoid their threat taking behavior. So it is essential for the parents to formulate a plan and approach regarding traffic safety for their kids. It is necessary to understand the situations where the teen might take risk for the sake of enjoyment. The parents should then help these teens to carefully investigate the repercussions of their act. This might lead to change of the risk taking behavior for the teens.

Parents should make sure that theirteenagers join legitimate and licensed driver education programs that will guarantee that they gain the necessary driving skills. The quality of the program content and approach of the teacher also plays a vital role in the knowledge grasping ability of the teenage. The parent should monitor the progress of their child and make them cognizant of the fact that the driver curriculum is just a start to the knowledge gaining activity towards becoming an professional driver.

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