Teenage Body Building, Why It’s Good to Start Young

More and more teens are getting interested in body building. Getting in shape and building muscle is not a bad idea if it is done correctly. Although a teenager may seem to be fully grown, there are important areas where they are still developing. Every successful body building routine for teenagers includes three key components: using weights, proper diet, and adequate sleep.

Teenagers have energy reserves that are the envy of others, and those reserves may cause problems during a body building workout. Because of teen’s never ending energy supply, they make over work one set of muscles and ignore others.

The thought is that more is better, however, in weight training nothing is further from the truth. A rounded workout in which all muscle groups are worked equally is better. Once a muscle has reached a certain point there is no need to strain it further, in fact you can actually reverse your progress or worse yet cause injury.

Proper weight training starts slowly and then progresses. Don’t make the mistake of straining yourself by starting with a weight that’s too heavy. You should start with light to moderate weight and then work your way up.

Too often, nutrition is ignored and excessive supplement use takes its place. While supplements can be helpful in moderation eating the right quantities of protein and fiber are more important. For when you train, you are actually tearing muscles; they need good nutrition to heal and build.

Another often-overlooked aspect of nutrition is water. Your body is comprised of 60% plus, and major organs depend on water to receive nutrients. This includes your muscles. The recommendation of eight 8-ounce glasses of water per day is merely a starting point, when you are training you should increase your water intake considerably. Your joints and vital organs will thank you, plus you will increase the success of your work out.

Next to proper hydration, this is the most common mistake in training, especially in over-confident young people. Your muscles need a growth hormone and testosterone which is secreted during sleep. That is what sleep was designed for, reparation of the body.

Going to the gym daily to increase muscles isn’t enough, you need to establish a balanced plan for growth. People who are into instant gratification will find this hard to do, but it is the best way to prevent injury and achieve success.

You can begin weight training at this time, also if you enjoy a sport like football it is key that you develop a strong and healthy body. Simply follow the above plan, and your workout can be safe and productive.

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