Teeth Bleaching Is A Beneficial Procedure For Many Individuals

Teeth bleaching tips can be found virtually everywhere on today’s health and beauty market. However, sorting through the numerous options one has when searching for such products can be a bit frustrating. Each manufacturer states that their product is the best, but savvy shoppers know that this cannot be the case. It helps if one understands that regardless of the brand name of the product, the active ingredient is typically always hydrogen peroxide.

Although it does not hurt tooth enamel, hydrogen peroxide is a concentrated and effective stain remover. Most products on today’s market contain between 10 percent and 20 percent peroxide. This range is offered by most manufacturers because it is regarded as safe for use by most cosmetic professionals and dentist. More potent solutions are available, but a prescription is usually required to obtain such products.

The positive outcome associated with the use of hydrogen peroxide starts when the solution begins breaking down on the surface of one’s teeth. It generally takes about five minutes for this to occur. Afterwards, the person must leave the solution on his or her teeth for another 15 minutes in order to lighten the surface of each tooth to a brighter color.

The solution is typically used in the form of a gel. Depending on the brand name one selects, the person may be able to place the gel in a guard and position it in his or her mouth. This will help keep the gel in place until it has a chance to work. Although certain whitening agents can be painted on the surface of one’s teeth with a brush, gels are by far the most popular application method.

As mentioned previously, a person cannot typically purchase a formula that contains more than thirty percent hydrogen peroxide. However, if a stronger blend is desired, a cosmetic dentist can complete the bleaching process.

Carbamide peroxide is sometimes an active ingredient in the aforementioned formulas as well. Although this product, when sold without a prescription, is not stronger than the blends referred to above, evidence suggests that it works faster than other types of peroxide. Results will vary from one individual to the next, however, and for this reason a person may have to try several strengths prior to finding the perfect cream or bleaching gel.

As with any cosmetic procedure, even those that are completed at home, there are some side effects and risks associated with the use of hydrogen peroxide bleaching gels. For instance, most dental professionals advise against overusing such formulas. This is because if used to excess, products of this type can eventually harm tooth enamel because of their highly acidic properties.

Additionally, overusing peroxide containing products may potentially contribute to the development of mouth cancer. Burns on the gums and tooth sensitivity may also occur. However, such side effects can typically be controlled by using the solution appropriately, rather than leaving it on too long, and avoiding contact with the gums. It is also wise for individuals to speak to a dentist before using any teeth bleaching gel.

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