The All-Around Touch – Country Platform Beds

If you think your bedroom interior requires a modification, give it. After those years of thriving on a mattress and box spring, your bedroom must use a refreshing outlook when it comes to the focal point of your bedroom design – your bed. If you think you’ll love a blend of aesthetics and practicality, you’re going to want a platform bed.

While it’s been only recently that platform beds have gained worldwide fancy, they’ve actually been around for quite some time, even dating back to Ancient Rome. If you’re wondering how the term was created, a lot of it had to do with the concept of the bed having a platform foundation to prop itself up. For this to be scientifically feasible, a platform bed has to be low-set in order to keep away from sagging of the platform and the mattress of top of it.

While a platform bed’s foundation may differ from one manufacturer to another, it’s more usually made with a roll of wood or metal slats strapped tightly together, with its rails providing a ledge supporting the slats. Other types would have solid panels which also rest on a ledge but are intended to put up mattresses which aren’t made for anything short of a solid surface.

Platform beds may look boring on their own but with the right playing up, they could actually perform. In fact, these beds are very much available in different styles and designs. A few come as solid wood, particularly oak, pine, maple, cherry or mahogany when they’re made in the United States. Imported ones would frequently be made of rubber wood which is as sturdy as any solid wood.

Platform beds could even come in metals with varied designs ranging from traditional to contemporary. An advantage of having a metal platform bed is its versatility as metal can be finished in a lot of different hues and shapes. Metal platform beds usually stand on a metal cross bar system right across the middle while some come with Masonite covering the crossed metals to add support. Whether they come in wooden or metal platforms, these beds can come as cheap bedroom furniture with a promise of quality if you now where to look and how.

Another favorite feature of platform beds is a lot of free space under. Since a platform bed does not have a box spring, there’s ample freedom underneath it to create great designs for storage systems such as drawers which work great for storing extra beddings.

Since these beds can serve as a clean canvas for your creative expressions for your bedroom furniture, you can easily design them as traditional sophisticated, modern casual or simply homey country platform beds that you’ll love to come home to at the end of the day.