The Ideal Lady Next Door

This high school instructor who’s been my nearby neighbor for quite some time, makes me feel small. Not that this lady has done anything to offend me, but, I simply get this stressful feeling at the pit of my stomach each time I notice her. Despite being the solitary mother of three young and playful kids – I have to admit that she has performed her responsibilities excellently. Not only is her household clean, but her children are obedient and she also has a full time profession. There’s no point of her life that she fails to manage flawlessly.

On the other hand, I ‘m such a mess. Despite making an effort with almost everything, I can’t even attempt to become half of what she is. I envy her once I see her all dressed for classes. Each morning, I glance at my home window to find out how she is dressed for the morning. And the thing is, she constantly surprises me. Each day she manages to appear a lot better than the day before. Her wardrobe, her shoes, her tresses, her make-up, her hand bag – every thing is so synchronized and well executed. It makes me wonder just how she can afford to be so perfect in almost everything she does. Moreover, I question myself exactly where she obtains all that money for her fashionable dresses, pouches and shoes, with her being a single mother to 3 kids. There is actually a time when I thought that I ought to hire detectives to learn if she is on to something fishy.

The fashion accessories she wear usually makes me green with envy. She usually knows the latest in fashion. She would know the trends of the season and just how to carry them. She is great in recognizing which outfits and fashion accessories would make her appear her best. I attempted to copy her but only got people looking at me like I were insane.

I tried buying the stuff she owns, specially her huge collection of designer hand bags which she flashes regularly. I’m quite positive that she hardly ever repeats a hand bag particularly if she’s already used it. I’m totally unaware on how she can even pay for all her purses, because the one I bought for myself cost me a king’s ransom. However, despite all my best efforts, I still look nothing like her. I have to reduce my spending just to fill the monetary void that this bag brought on me. Eventually, I understood that the best thing to do was to confront her. I gradually got the nerve to ask her on precisely how she really manages to do it.

Knocking on her front door had been the best thing that i ever did. She welcomed me with a smile and agreed to talk about her secret. Time management, self-discipline and pre-emptive approach to every thing are the trade secrets. However, my curiosity was eventually satisfied when she explained that almost all of her stuff are imitation products. That is why she has an countless variety of duplicate bags, designer shoes, and jewelry that sparkles as if it were real.

Finally, I now realized the answers to all my questions. I was finally at peace with the thought that all the elegance and style that she has is only a reflection of flawlessness, but was not actually the real thing.

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