The Many Assorted Advantages From Using Ultra Dark Self Tanning Lotions

There is something nice about having a rich golden tan that will make someone appear to be younger and healthier. Unfortunately not everybody has the extra time to develop one out in the sun. There is an option of going to the tanning salon, but that can generally cost more than some people are wanting to spend and could increase the risk for various types of skin cancers. This is how using an ultra dark self tanning lotion helps. For a minimal price and time they give you the overall appearance of a rich tan that is also easy to maintain.

A mild to dark self tanning lotion could help you with a golden self tan without going outside and being exposed to possibly harmful UV light from the sun. You can also keep this golden tan all year with very little effort. Typically it is as simple as applying some cream to areas of your skin that you wish to be affected.

Many people prefer using a dark self tanning lotion because it is ideally suited for people who are on the go. They also suit people who do not have the time for lengthy sunbathing, or time in the salon. Others use them because they can achieve nearly the same dark tanning results without being over exposed to the suns damaging rays.

Most newer compounds use ingredients that are absorbed into the skin quickly. This shows the simplicity of application for dark self tanning lotions on your skin without the repeated need to work it into your skin. It also shows a reduced opportunity for it to make any stain on your clothes when it is applied.

Most dark self tanning lotions also have added moisturizing properties built right into them. This helps your skin look smooth and natural. It also helps protect your skin so the effects of the lotions are more natural looking and longer lasting. They will over time wear off but can be just as easily reapplied without worrying about damaging your skin.

Many of these dark self tanning lotions also have various botanical extracts in them that are good for your body and help to improve the quality of your skin. They help to heal sun damaged dry skin by soothing, repairing and revitalizing it. They also contain trace vitamins and minerals that may be directly absorbed into your skin making you healthier.

For those other people who really enjoy going outside to sunbathe there are many tanning accelerators that people can put on to help improve the base quality of your tan. They help increase the color of your tan and also make them quite dark and long lasting. This works because it mixes the qualities of the more natural dark tan with a copper glow of a lotion tan.

Using ultra dark self tanning lotions has become much more popular in the past years. Most of these products are used by millions of people to self tan every year. While it is true that 30 years ago they were know to cause a orange color, the new blends are difficult to beat.

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