The Many Types Of Funeral Flower Arrangements

If you have ever been to a funeral, you probably noticed that there are many types of floral arrangements on display. These flowers not only honor the deceased, but are a way for friends, family and co-workers to share their sympathy with the grieving family. Here is a guide to the different types of funeral flower arrangements.

Usually, a large flower spray will be placed on top of the casket, and you often see these flowers in the colors of red and white, which are typical funeral colors. However, they can be made in just about any color, if the family prefers to have the spray done in other shades or hues. Usually the family will purchase the spray, but they are expensive, so a friend or family member can certainly offer to buy this item.

If the deceased or the family has opted for cremation, then you often will see an urn surrounded by a floral arrangement. For this arrangement, you can opt for a simple white display, red and white or perhaps the favorite color of the one who has passed. Another option is to have the florist create an arrangement that brings to mind the shades of a sunset or perhaps the hues of a beautiful garden.

Sometimes there will be neither a casket nor an urn at the memorial service, so the family might opt for a photograph of the deceased surrounded by flowers. These special arrangements also can be given by a friend or family member, even if there is a casket or urn present during the service.

Often a group will get together and purchase a large arrangement, such as a wreath or spray. These items rest on stands and are a lovely way for co-workers or a group to show their sympathy and esteem. There is no rule about what colors to choose, and although white and red are typical, they are by no means the only choice.

Individual friends or relatives will typically choose an arrangement of flowers in a vase or basket. There are no rules about color or style, all flowers are welcome at this difficult time, and you can send them to the service or even to the family at home. Just extending your sympathy and love to the family is what is most important during a difficult time.

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