The Need For A Gallbladder Surgeon Morrilton AR

The state of Arkansas sits directly on top of Louisiana. It is sometimes included along with other states in the \”deep south, \” which generally means Alabama, South Carolina, Louisiana, and Georgia. Sometimes Arkansas is considered to be \”peripheral\” or \”rim south.\” Morrilton, about 50 miles northwest of the state capitol Little Rock, is the county seat of Conway County. As of the 2010 census, the population was quite small, just over 6,700 people. Approximately 40 percent of the population is over the age of 45. Many of these individuals will need to see a gallbladder surgeon Morrilton AR at some point in their lives.

The gallbladder is a smallish organ located beneath the right lobe of the liver. It is also called either the biliary vesicle or the cholecyst. Removal of the Cholecyst is called a cholecystectomy. The function of the cholecyst is to transfer bile from the liver, where it is synthesized by the body, through the common bile duct to the small intestine. Bile is a dark green or yellow pigment that is concentrated and sequestered in the cholecyst until it is required. They can be extremely painful.

The cholecyst is commonly afflicted by bodies called gallstones. These form in the presence of an excess of cholesterol, the biochemical precursor of both steroid hormones and bile acids. It can also manufacture bilirubin, which is a yellow pigment that comes from the liver and is elevated in people with jaundice. In most people, gallstones hardly ever produce symptoms and they generally go unnoticed unless they cause problems or are discovered by chance on a scan that is performed for a different ailment.

Obstruction of the bile duct can cause inflammation of the biliary vesicle, a condition called cholecystitis, which causes pain and fever. There is also a risk of infection. The condition is often treated with a combination of rest and antibiotics.

Gallstones can be as small as grit or as large as a walnut. The longer they persist, the greater the likelihood that they will become an issue. Blockage of the common bile duct can lead to an extremely painful condition called pancreatitis. There are several different ways to remove gallstones when necessary.

Until recently, gallstones could only be removed by taking out the entire organ. This was accomplished either by open surgery, which carried the same risks as any other surgical operation, or by \”keyhole\” surgery, which relies on the use of four tiny incisions around the abdominal area. Lately, scientists in China have developed an instrument that is capable of selectively removing the gallstones without having to take out the entire biliary vesicle.

The main hospital in Morrilton is Conway County Hospital, part of the Conway Regional Health System. Here, patients with gallstones would most likely be seen by a general surgeon. St. Anthony\’s is another local hospital. Built of concrete, brick, and steel in an Art Deco style, it was dedicated by Benedictine nuns in 1925.

Not far away from St. Anthony\’s are Morrilton Senior High School on East Harding Street, the University of Arkansas Community College on University Boulevard, and a popular superstore. The hospital is accessible via I-40 and Hwy 9. University Boulevard and East Harding are connected by a street with the intriguing name of Poor Farm Road.

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