The One Supplement You Need To Build A Lot Of Muscle

There is no doubt in my mind that protein is the king of all natural supplements when it comes to building and adding muscle to your physique. Protein is really the only supplement that is absolutely necessary to muscle growth despite what bodybuilding supplement manufacturers would like you to think.

The muscles in your body are comprised of two things: protein and water. It is absolutely necessary for you to consume plenty of protein if you want your muscles to grow. Make sure you get plenty of protein in your body before you start to mess around with any other supplements that may do nothing more the drain your wallet.

Let’s take a step back for a minute and actually look at what happens when you go the gym and work out your muscles. If you’re working out with weights, also known as resistance training and weight training, then essentially what you’re doing is breaking down your muscle tissue. You’re actually making small tears in your muscles when you work out hard and those tears are actually what lead to muscle growth and that’s also why it’s sometimes painful to workout in the gym.

Building muscle is actually really simple when you break it down into it’s fundamental steps. There are basically two necessary components to building muscle and they are breaking down your muscle tissue, you do this when you workout in the gym, and consuming enough protein to sustain growth.

In order to grow muscle you’re going to have to consume about 1-2 grams of protein for every pound you weigh. So if you weigh 200 pounds then you should consume 200 grams of protein. This is why I consider protein supplements to be necessary because it would be really hard and expensive to consume all of the protein you need from natural food sources.

In addition to consuming enough protein you also want to make sure you consume protein at the right times throughout the day. The most important time to take protein is right after your workout within 30 minutes of your last rep. Take protein right after your workouts and you will grow and you will build muscle period.

Another time that consuming protein is critical to muscle growth is first thing in the morning because you’ve been asleep for 7-8 hours and when else during the day do you not eat for 7-8 hours? Right, so again your body and muscles are starving and feeding them protein is essential so your body doesn’t start feeding on them for fuel which is completely possible and happens.

You will make extraordinary strides with your physique your first 12-24 months in the gym regardless of what you do outside of it. Don’t sabotage your efforts by putting all kinds of supplements into your body when you have no idea how they work. Stick to the basics. Train hard, consume lots of protein and you will build big muscles.

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