The Pet Gate: What You Should Know

Is your dog young and untrained or destructive? Do you wish you could keep him secure while you are busy without necessarily locking him up? A good pet gate could be the answer to your problem.

There are limitless uses for pet barriers. Protect your young child from an eating dog. Keep your puppy confined in an easy to clean area without shutting him in a crate during housebreaking. Restrict your dog to a certain portion of the house while you entertain people instead of closing him in a room alone, which can cause separation anxiety issues.

The strongest type of dog gate is a hardware-mounted one. This means it is screwed into the desired area and requires tools. Even so, they are simple to install. They are extremely well built and durable, made from mostly wood or stainless steel. These are good for more powerful dogs because they cannot be overturned. Some models even feature a swinging door to allow you to pass through easily.

Another type of dog barrier requires no tools and is portable. These are called pressure-mounted gates. They secure themselves by the pressure they exert on the wall or door. Most of them are made from a combination of wood and wire. These should never be used to guard a set of stairs as they can be flipped over fairly easily.

Barriers for stairways in your house or on your deck are also available. Make sure these are always hardware-mounted, as a pressure-mounted gate can fall over. There should never be a fixed bar at the bottom of the device. It can be a tripping hazard and very dangerous around stairs. Finally, you should make sure there is a mechanism to keep the door from swinging out and over the stairway.

Pet barriers are also available for your car. They are very useful in keeping your pet in one section of the car and away from your lap and feet. It also cuts down on the distraction of your dog running around the back of the vehicle. Your passengers will also notice an absence of pet hair in the front seat as well! These gates are secure, require no tools to install, and fit most vehicles.

As with most purchases, there are things you need to be aware of and think about when choosing a dog gate. A dog that is particularly strong or tall demands a hardware-mounted fence since they are more resilient. If your pet is a chewer or biter, choose a stainless steel model rather than wood and wire. This is for his own safety. Also, remember that a swinging gate is useful for those who cannot or find stepping over it annoying, as they open just like a door would.

There are many styles, uses, and designs of pet gate. When you go shopping, keep in mind your dog’s size and personality and your purpose in using it. Dog barriers are available at a variety of pet stores and even online.

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