The Prodigy Adjustable Bed And It’s Features

Regardless if you’ve got health concerns, mobility problems, back pain or you’re simply looking for a fully featured mattress, an adjustable bed may be the best answer to your problems. At one time adjustable beds were only found in medical facilities, but they have long since moved out of the hospital and into the bedrooms in the US. In the meantime, they have been modernized and accessorized.

The Prodigy adjustable bed is the newest generation of this popular line of adjustable beds that includes features such as a WisperQuiet motor, a gentle awake alarm system with a light message or an audio alarm, remote control locator functions, a one touch repositioning anti snore button, and built in technology including personal and comfort customized features such as a sleep timer, and iPod Touch and iPhone applications.

One of the keys that have allowed the transition of adjustable beds from the hospital to the home has been to design them to fit in with today’s lifestyles. There has been research which has shown that the baby boom generation is spending ever increasing amounts of time in the bedroom which are currently equipped with computers and televisions. Couples are enjoying family time in the bedroom with their children and each other. People simply needed a bed that could accommodate this trend and the adjustable bed fit the bill.

An adjustable bed is all about making choices. Although it depends on the style and make of the adjustable bed, you can raise the lower and upper portions of the bed in tandem or independently. Many adjustable beds have additional features including heat and massage. Also, adjustable beds not only ease breathing problems, improve blood circulation in the legs, and alleviate back strain, but they also provide a supportive sleep surface.

The Prodigy adjustable bed is a high tech, sleeping dream that has a whole list of options which include:

iPod and iPhone touch applications which offer integration of additional electronics into the bedroom. A snore feature that provides users with the power to eliminate disturbing snores through the repositioning their sleeping partner. A Wi-Fi, two way remote control with a clock and LED screen. The sleep timer that permits the user to gently transition from an activity to a sleep position at a specified time. A patented gentle awake alarm that uses an audio alarm or a light massage to wake the

user up.

Remote locator features that will help the user find a remote control that is missing. A Whisper Quiet motor that permits up to a 600 lbs lifting capacity.

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