The Reasons That LED Lighting Products Should Be Used In The Home And Office

When the average person walks into a shop to get light bulbs, it is typical that they will just buy whichever bulb costs the less. It may seem like they are getting savings, but using LED lighting products can result in far greater savings over time. There are a number of reasons to use these products at home and work, especially when someone wants to make a responsible ecological choice.

Changing a light bulb may not seem like a time consuming task, but it is amazing how many people will use other lamps or sit in the dark before they do it. LED bulbs have an average life of about 100,000 hours, which means they could last for eleven years if they were on all the time or twenty two years if they were only on half of the time. This is very convenient when it comes to changing bulbs that are in high or hard to reach places.

The cost of buying an LED bulb is a bit more than typical bulbs, but those who use them actually end up saving money over time. They do not need to be replaced as often so, although one bulb may cost R 70, it can last for up to twenty two years. This is beneficial for everyone, but especially for office buildings that require maintenance staff to replace light bulbs on a regular basis.

It is important, in this day in age, to be concerned with using the most energy efficient products possible, and LED bulbs are by far the most energy efficient. They are about eighty percent efficient, which means that eighty percent of the energy used creates light and only twenty percent becomes heat energy. When someone uses an incandescent bulb, their energy efficiency is exactly the opposite, which leads to a great amount of waste.

If a person still does not see why they should be using energy efficient products, it may help to translate it into actual funds. When someone uses incandescent bulbs, the cost of energy to run the bulb annually is approximately R 600 and R 480 of that money will actually be burned off through the heat that the bulb creates. When most people are paying additional bills for heat, this adds up to a huge waste of money.

It is not always easy for people to switch from the products that they have always used, but the benefits of LED lighting products are worth the effort. They use a significantly less amount of energy, which can lead to significant savings. These benefits, combined with the fact that they can go years without being changed, make them the obvious choice.

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