The Significance of Traditional Fireplaces In Home Decor

Fireplace has always been considered as an important item for a living or a dining room. Additionally, it is also made in many bedrooms, though some prefer not to have that much heating in their sleeping places.

With the modernisation of many things in our surroundings, fireplaces are also available in markets in latest designs and various styles, to compliment the interior decor. Huge range of styles and designs has made it more difficult for interior designers to pick one that everyone should admire.

However, traditional fireplaces are very popular until today, and people are still willing to fit these fireplaces in their homes. People fancy these traditional fireplaces for their historical importance and significance in the interior decoration.

Wood burning fireplaces are considered as the ultimate necessity in decorating the interior of a house. Although wood is no longer considered as an ecologically viable option, many people still prefer it as it gives an old style look and touch to the house. Additionally, firewood is available from major supermarkets and can be easily used to light small fires for heating purposes. Traditional fireplaces using wood as the main source of fuel come in two basic types.

Cast Iron-A Renowned Fireplace Material

Cast iron fireplace is available in prefabricated form. This is constructed in a factory and is then installed in the house. Cast iron is a durable material and such types of fire paces last long. It can bear an enormous amount of heat that is produced from the burning of wood. Cast iron fireplaces have a large variety of shapes and designs. They can be easily installed in any room. They just need an exit chamber to let the smoke out of the room.

Architectural Fireplace

Architectural fireplace is not manufactured in a factory or assembling plant. On the contrary, the construction of a house provides for a space and mechanism for the burning of wood. The most common type of architectural fireplaces is the old style fireplace that is constructed either in the centre or in the corner of a room. Firewood can be burnt in the internal chamber of this fireplace. The gases produced during the burning process are drawn out through a chimney on the roof of the house.

Besides these two most conventional fireplaces, there are some other kinds of fireplaces too that have achieved an almost traditional importance. For instance, Gas fireplaces are popular for their environment friendliness and fuel economy. Plus, they do not make toxic gases that are associated with burning firewood. These can be installed at the same position where you fit the other types of fireplaces.

Another positive point is, they can be fitted into the conventional firewood places without looking misfit or bad. They just need an installation of a gas burner and not the firewood, and the room will give you exactly the same appearance. Moreover, you can also set them in the middle of the room, mainly the smaller ones, if it gets extremely cold. As compared to the fixed ones, movable gas burners are considered to be user friendly more than the others.

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