The Spring Care Tips From The Lawn Maintenance Trophy Club TX Service

It is no doubt that health and green lawns improve the curb appeal of your home in a great way. However, ensuring that your lawn maintains its beauty at all seasons requires you to carry out certain care activities such as lawn clean up in spring to enjoy its beauty during the summer. Failure to clean up the lawn in spring will lead to soil compaction during the summer, denying the developing roots of your grass a favorable growth environment. Lawn maintenance Trophy Club TX professionals consider the below five care tips important in keeping your garden green and healthy during hot season.

Always water the garden at the right time, but not when it is convenient for you. Most garden care experts advise homeowners to water their lawns in the late-spring when the grass has begun to wilt. Grass in many gardens develops shallow and weak roots due to excessive watering early in the spring. You should water the garden to a depth of about three inches on a weekly basis and water again after the turf has fully wilted to ensure it does not turn brownish or even dry up.

Correct mowing is the next garden care practice you should perform. The worst thing you can do is mowing the grass when the ground is wet because, doing so will compact the soil more and hinder the roots from penetrating through the soil to absorb water and nutrients. Ask the experts about the right height of mowing the turf to avoid damaging it. According to these experts, blades should be sharp when trimming shaggy turf to promote surface uniformity and homogeneous growth.

The other thing is appropriate fertilizer application. Fertilizer application in spring should be moderate to promote grass root development that keeps the grass firm and healthy during hot season. Although the excess application of heavy-nutrient fertilizer promotes quick root development, it makes the roots weaker and unable to withstand the scorching heat during hot season. Low-release fertilizers are the best during the mid spring when the grass is greening up.

Timely aeration is also a crucial care practice that would keep your garden healthy during hot season. Mid-spring is the right time to poke tiny holes in your grass to help the roots of the grass to adequately take up air, nutrients and water. If you aerate the garden when the summer is kicking off, you deny the turf the chance to have adequate nutrients and water reserve to withstand the summer heat.

Timely aeration benefits your garden in two irrefutable ways. It improves air circulation in the soil and enables the roots to take up the available oxygen for respiration. The roots easily absorb the nutrients present in a properly aerated garden and enhance the remarkable growth of the grass amid hot and dry weather in hot season.

Timely aeration also determines the overall health of the turf in the garden. Poor aeration in the spring influences the development of brown spots on the grass blades during the summer. Gardens that are timely aerated in the spring do not require regular use of herbicides to control weeds in hot season. Herbicides usually develop chemical barriers in the soil during the summer that makes aeration ineffective.

Your healthy and green lawn will be able to withstand harsh summer effects when you practice these care tips. Your children and pets will enjoy the beauty of the evergreen garden. Caring for your garden during the spring will save you a bundle of dollars in replacing the scorched grass.

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