The Sylvester Stallone Approach To Building A Sculpted Six Pack

Learning how to build muscle can be a tricky affair. Many people get lost in the endless confusion and new fads to hit the market, getting nowhere fast. A lot of tire of trying to learn how to do it for themselves and instead go in search of workouts used by their favorite celebrities. The Sylvester Stallone abs workout is undoubtedly one of the most popular results in this category.

Make no mistake about it, the sculpted six pack you see in the Rocky movies didn’t come cheap. However, if you can combine this style of training with some of the proven muscle building principles towards your diet and rest you will see fantastic results with it.

If you don’t know how to build muscle today’s interview will assist you a lot.

Don’t let this fool you, however. The workout may stick the the old classic movements but it certainly isn’t easy. Naturally, given that you want to train like Rocky you probably weren’t looking for something simple.

While some of the movements today will seem very familiar there are also a few old classics that most fitness enthusiasts have forgotten about so we’ll provide you with a guide to each one.

* Crunches on the floor.

* Oblique crunches.

* Upright knee raise.

* Rotary Oblique Twists.

* Abdominal wheel rolls.

The first stop in today’s workout is a regular crunch. The trouble with crunches is most people perform them slightly wrong and put unnecessary stress on their neck by pulling from behind the head. For those who feel back discomfort while doing floor crunches, feel free to use an exercise ball instead. Sly himself made this change during the late nineties.

This move is all about tempo and technique. Have you ever met anyone who claims to do 1000 crunches per day? You’ll notice that they tend to blast through the reps and don’t actually feel any soreness or get any results from their mammoth workouts. Work up to 3 sets of 30 reps on this exercise, focusing on keeping a slow controlled pace and focusing on contracting your upper abs each time you roll forward into the finishing position.

By adding a twist to the end of each crunch you’ll be able to perform the second exercise in Sly’s routine. Again, this can be performed on an exercise ball if you wish. This targets the muscles which you’ll notice on the outside of your stomach, called the obliques. To further advance this move when you feel ready, try bicycle crunches.

Elevated knee raises are a move which you’ll often seen performed wrong in gyms around the world. Instead of swinging your legs forward and putting stress on your hip flexor muscles, try doing this move with knees bent at a ninety degree angle and lift them by contracting your lower abdominal region. Roll your abs back as your knees come up, holding the tension briefly before completing each repetition.

The broomstick twist is an incredibly basic movement, yet it is the exercise credited with giving Sly his sculpted six pack for Rocky VI. To perform this move simply acquire a decline bench and place a broomstick or barbell across your shoulders. As you sit upright, twist to each side for ten repetitions. The combination of the twisting motion and the decline bench will present a fantastic opportunity for your to develop the midsection you have wanted to achieve for years.

Finally, we move onto the wheel. This piece of equipment has existed in gyms for many decades and remains one of the most underutilized pieces of kit. The reason this exercise is kept until last is because you won’t want to work out any longer if you get this technique correct.

This move targets your entire midsection and is one of the ‘go to exercises’ for people looking to build functional fitness. As you roll the wheel out in front of you, focus on contracting your midsection much in the same way you would during a plank exercise. This really challenges every part of your core due to the lack of balance. As you improve you will notice an increase in your range of motion during each rep you perform.

Make no mistakes, the Sylvester Stallone abs workout is every bit as tough as you would expect it to be. However, if your primary goal is to learn how to build muscle with classic, old school moves then this workout definitely has some great benefits to it.

Author: Teach yourself how to build muscle with fitness instructor Russ Howe PTI’s free guide to the sylvester stallone abs workout next.