The Top Ten Health Benefits Of Massage Therapy And Why It Is A Great Idea

If you are not feeling right, your problem could be within your muscles. Maybe you are having aches and pains or you feel tense and out of sorts. You may feel that you have lost some flexibility in the joints or back. This may be a good time to enjoy some massage therapy. This practice is time tested and dates back to ancient times, and can be very beneficial. Here are the top ten health benefits of massage.

Improved posture – If you work all day you may have tense muscles and this can affect the way you stand and walk. A trained masseuse works with tired muscles and this can improve your posture and mobility.

Breathing easier – When your muscles are properly massaged, it allows you to breathe deeply. This supplies the body with more oxygen. Oxygen aids in the process of healing.

Improved skin health – Massage therapy includes lotions and creams that are good for your skin. This can replace lost moisture. It also can enhance skin elasticity and improve some kinds of wrinkles.

Circulation – Perhaps you have to sit at a desk all day and this can impede circulation. Gentle and effective massaging is good for your circulation. It relaxes blood vessels and makes them more efficient.

Joint flexibility – If you suffer with joint or back stiffness, your masseuse can work on them to make them feel better. Many times, stiff joints are caused by tense muscles and tendons pulling on them and proper therapy relaxes these muscles.

Anxiety and stress relief – Most people suffer with some form of stress or anxiety. Tension can start in the neck muscles and eventually work its way through the body. Once your muscles are relaxed, problems seem to melt away.

A more alert mind – When stress and tension are released the mind is free to concentrate. Relaxation helps you focus better, because you are not concerned with pain or discomfort in the body. This can make you more efficient and improve work performance.

Mind relaxation – If your body is completely relaxed, so is the mind. A relaxed mind can tap into thoughts of freedom and creativity easier. This can simplify tasks like problem solving.

Peace within – Most people are seeking some kind of inner peace these days, but few seem to find what they need. The right kind of massage technique can still one’s mind. This can lead to a keener sense of self-awareness.

A need for human touch – Just about everyone enjoys being touched. The feel of another person can cause a great sense of well-being. This is need that most people carry with them from birth to the grave, and never leaves.

These are only the top ten health benefits of massage. There are many other good things that your massage professional can help you with. When you visit, you can discuss your needs and current problems. There are a number of therapy options to explore. You can receive a personalized program that will help you feel much better in a number of ways.

You will find a detailed summary of the benefits of consulting a massage Calgary therapist and more info about an experienced Calgary massage professional, today.