The Uniqueness Of A Dewalt D55167 Portable Air Compressor

The manufacturers of compressors keep on increasing in the market, each with unique brands and functional features on their devices. Selecting the right one can therefore be very difficult since most look similar but have different features and ease of use. When it comes to the Dewalt D55167 portable air compressor however, everything is redefined. Many people are mesmerized by its high level of efficiency among other benefits.

Apart from its efficiency and convenience of use, the other advantage is that it does not require oiling unlike other brands. Additionally, the maintenance needs are minimal. This is topped up by the silence mode with which operates. Most people fear using compressors because of the noise, but this one has no such complications.

It is compact, and weighs about 90 pounds. It may seem heavy, but has a handle that enables the user to carry it with ease. This handle is durable, thus can last as long as the individual takes good care of it. The handle in this device is multipurpose. Apart from it enabling the user to carry it from place to place quite easily, it also acts a hosepipe. This means it provides additional protection. Moreover, the pump in this kit does not require oiling for it to work properly.

It has a high low coupler that works in conjunction with a regulator. When the two function together, a higher functional speed is achieved at all times. The efficient working capacity can reach a maximum of about 200psi. The kit also has a console panel that works as a display area and protects the gauges, coupler and regulator.

These types of compressors are very stable. The level of stability is enhanced by its tires. These are pneumatic in nature, thus the user can maneuver the device quite easily. Additionally, they do not require regular maintenance needs. This means that a person is able to move about with these compressors without the risk of spoiling it.

The compact nature of the unit makes it easy to carry and store. Additionally, the handle is a dual functionality part that works as a hosepipe and for people to hold when carrying it. The gauges are wide, that means the user can read the pressure quite easily.

Most people find solace with the purchase of a Dewalt D55167 portable air compressor. This is because of the frustrations they experience with other compressors in the market. Even with its expensive pricing, an individual would rather spend all their money buying t that purchasing a low quality one. This gives them an assurance of long-term service because of its durability.

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