Thinking About A Costa Rica Vacation? Check Out Jaco

How about going to a vacation spot that is known to have some of the best and most popular beaches in Costa Rica? If you have always wanted to vacation in Costa Rica, check out Jaco.

Jaco has long been popular because of its fun, casual and relaxed atmosphere, and many friendly people. More and more tourists from around the world have already learned of this fantastic place and travel to Jaco for its nearby tranquil, beautiful clean beaches and many things to do. And, it is easy to reach by car or comfortable, cheap, ubiquitous buses.

Over the years, many tourists have made this a favorite location for their visits, citing its casual, relaxed, laid back, friendly, party atmosphere. There are lots of great beaches nearby, some of which are very tranquil, all of which are gorgeous. Jaco has boomed over the last half dozen years or so. Where there was once a quiet little road (except at night) road through town, today there are towering high rises and resorts, and lots and lots of bars, restaurants, and shops.

Fortunately, Jaco isn’t just a great location for people who have lots of money. Indeed, it caters to any budget. There are hotels and accommodations ranging from luxurious to, well, basic (think hostels with dorms and cold water—but cheap). Restaurants of every kind have sprung up here as well, not to mention tropical bars and taverns.

Though Jaco Beach (directly in front of Jaco) has been one of the most popular beaches for many, many years, nearby beaches (literally just a couple of miles/kilometers away), are much better. You’ll find far fewer people and some of the most ecologically pure water on the planet which have been awarded Blue Flag certifications for cleanliness. If you visit Jaco, I strongly recommend spectacular Hermosa Beach. It is only a couple of miles from Jaco. Though it is not recommended for swimming (due to its currents) it is pristine with some of the best surfing on the planet. Indeed, this July it will host professional surfers from more than 35 countries who are going to take part in world surfing championships (and party at night in Jaco).

Costa Rica is one of the smallest countries in the world but it is world-famous for its many places to go and things to do. When you vacation at Jaco, youll be close to innumerable activities. Head over to one of the fabulous volcanoes. Go windsurfing at Lake Arenal. Learn to surf. Visit fabulous Corcovado National Park, described by National Geographic as the most biologically intense place on earth. Take your life in your hands and bungee jump into a deep gorge just outside Jaco. Zipline through tropical forests, whitewater raft, go sea kayaking. Or just lay back and enjoy the beach and romantic sunsets.

And, if you like to fish (or want a new experience), take a day charter from Jaco. The waters are often teeming with wonderful fish, from 400 pound marlin to sailfish, schools of tuna, and dozens of other species. Costa Rica offers some of the worlds great off-shore fishing and remember: the worst day of fishing is better than the best day of working.

First discovered by Christopher Columbus, today Costa Rica is discovered anew by folks from every place on the planet. Though it is only the size of West Virginia, one of every five species of plant and animal is found here. Travel Costa Rica when you visit Jaco. Bring a camera and your sense of adventure.

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