Those Free Hoodia Trials May Not Be What You Think

Free hoodia samples are very popular these days thanks to the demand for hoodia gordonii. For those of you unfamiliar with hoodia gordonii, it’s a natural appetite suppressant that has the potential to help people control what they eat so that they can lose weight. As an all-natural diet supplement that has been proven to be very safe with virtually no side effects, it has become one of the most popular weight loss supplements today.

There are so many companies making hoodia that it’s only a given that many of them would offer free hoodia samples to consumers. They hope people will like their samples so much that they will come back to them and make future purchases. It sounds like a win-win deal for both consumers and companies.

Unfortunately, agreeing to a free hoodia sample isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be. For starters, most of the hoodia for free is not authentic. One expert believes that the percentage of fake hoodia diet pills on the market today could be as high as eighty percent! Only authentic hoodia gordonii has the potential to suppress appetite so taking a fake product isn’t going to do anything. You may be getting your hoodia for free but what good is it if it doesn’t help suppress your appetite?

Before you agree to receive free hoodia samples from a company, make sure the hoodia they are offering you is authentic and not fake. The two easiest ways to identify real hoodia from fake hoodia is to view the company’s CITES certificates and their lab test results which were completed through an independent lab.

CITES is a certificate that is required by all companies who import and sell authentic hoodia gordonii. If a company doesn’t obtain one, they can’t legally import and sell hoodia. Since fake hoodia is so prevalent, companies that sell real hoodia gordonii want to make sure that the consumers know that what they are selling is authentic. To do that, they will have their products randomly tested on a regular basis by independent labs for authenticity.

Companies that use authentic hoodia gordonii in their products will go out of their way to display their CITES certificate and their lab test results on their websites so that consumers can buy in confidence. If you can’t find CITES certificates or independent lab test results on the websites of companies offering free hoodia trials, then they most likely don’t have real hoodia gordonii in their products. If that’s the case, you should not accept their free hoodia samples no matter how tempting it might be.

Often times when you agree to accept free hoodia samples you are the one paying for the shipping and handling. Some free hoodia samples come with a twist, too. If you don’t do certain things after you receive your free sample, some companies will sign you up to be automatically shipped their hoodia products – and you may be billed for your original “free” samples.

An autoship program is where the company will automatically ship you a 1-2 month supply of their product every other month or so and charge you accordingly. These autoship programs aren’t necessarily bad. In fact, they can be very convenient and cost effective. You don’t have to worry about reordering and running out of supply, and you usually get a discounted price on the product.

The key with these free hoodia trials is knowing how easy it is to cancel the trial and to prevent being enrolled in the autoship program if you don’t like the product (or to cancel the autoship program once you’re enrolled in it). Most of these offers would have you believe it’s easy to cancel. Unfortunately, that’s not usually the case.

There are countless individuals who have found their credit is ruined because they naively agreed to receive free hoodia samples. Many of these people didn’t know they were going to be autoshipped anything in the future. When they would try to cancel out of the program, they were unable to get in touch with anyone, or their requests to quit were ignored. Yet, month after month their credit card is billed.

Be smart before you accept any free hoodia samples. Make sure you have read all the information involved in receiving the samples. Make sure you have a telephone number for the company. Before you agree to the samples, call the number and see if there is a person on the other end who can answer your questions about the free hoodia trial. Talking with someone can help you determine if the company is on the up-and-up.

You should go through this same process with any email address you are given as a point of contact with the company. Send an email inquiry with questions. How quickly did you get a response? Were your questions answered sufficiently? If you can’t make contact with a live person via email or telephone, it is probably a good idea to decline the offer for free hoodia samples.

These free hoodia trials can be a smart way to try hoodia without spending a lot of money, but you need to be careful before you hand over your credit card information. By following these simple guidelines you’ll be able to find legitimate free hoodia samples that won’t just empty your wallet!

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